LP, Obi determine to take back, reposition Nigeria- Odesanya

Olubunmi Odesanya, is the Labour Party (LP) Deputy Chairman/Publicity Secretary in Lagos State.

In this exclusive interview with Iniobong Iwok, she speaks on efforts to reposition the party in Lagos ahead of the 2023 general election and why LP is not a pushover in the state.

What is the state of the LP in Lagos State presently, amid reports that there are two state chairmen and exco?

There is no controversy as far as Labour Party Lagos State is concerned. There is no faction. There is only one Labour Party Lagos exco appointed and recognized by LP national. It is also duly known to and recognized by INEC. This exco is led by Olukayode Salako as Chairman.

What is the position of the party on INEC’s decision to recognise some candidates that were earlier disqualified in Lagos?

None of LP Lagos candidates was disqualified. As it happens in politics, we had some lawsuits that had to be decided before names could be uploaded. Thankfully, the judgement was in our favour and now the names of our candidates have been uploaded into the INEC data. We focus now on winning the general election for the Labour Party in Lagos and can’t be distracted.

With the general election a few weeks away, what steps is the party taking to build structures across the state?

LP has been working assiduously in the past few months to debunk the false notion that LP is only on social media.

Recall our massive October 1st March and other rallies that were held in various places around the country. That unequivocally debunks the lie.

Following from that, our structures have become more formidable with the support groups activations in LGAs, and wards. Everyday, LP exco members, candidates, elders, support groups working collectively, responsibly engaging Nigerians to take Nigeria back from the shackles of political merchants.

Nigerians are tired of the old order of doing things, corruption and unfavourable policies that perpetually impoverished them and are yearning for that person and party away from what we have seen for decades now.

The general election is a few weeks away; the party would be contesting against the ruling APC and PDP, what are LP’s chances in Lagos?

How is the party mobilizing for Peter Obi, the presidential candidate in Lagos?

You would agree with me that Obidients have had it laid on thick. Obidients have been called names. They mocked us saying we are just four people tweeting in one room. They said we are just on social media.

They called our candidate a social media president. Yet, they are seeing us growing in leaps, as we parade our candidates at the rallies our principal has had across the country. They see that our crowds show us love, they are not rented. Our credibility is real and we have it in abundance. We keep preaching the message of real hope that Peter Obi brings.

The recent Anap poll revealed that Obi is leading, but other presidential candidates dismissed it. What is your take?

The ANAP Poll was conducted by a set of credible Nigerians who have conducted similar polls in the past that came to pass.

Please recall that they had conducted a similar poll three months ago before this one and the sampling used were not the same.

However, that the polls favoured our candidate Peter Obi, does not mean that we will not work harder to achieve our desired goal which is to take back our country. And we will Obediently do so.

Some people are of the view that the LP in Lagos has been unable to galvanize the massive support for Peter Obi, they want to know plans towards that ahead of the polls?

The Labour Party system in Lagos State is very aware and alive to the fact that Lagos State is the most viable state in the political scheme of Nigeria. To that effect, we carry the Obidient movement on our heads.

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We are mobilizing both at home and in the diaspora, and of course, all Lagosians, who are going to be voting for the Labour Party in February/March next year. We know the world is waiting for us to dislodge the ruling party and to form the next government in Nigeria, so we are not quiet at all.

This would not be smooth and rosy. But, by and large, it has been for the growth, progress, development and good of our party so far. We are making good progress, and the Obidient family around the world can attest to that fact. LP Lagos will win Lagos for Peter Obi to be the next president of Nigeria.

Obi is capable of transforming the country if you take a careful look at his manifesto. He carelessly listed how his administration would solve problems in all sectors. Nigerians must rise and put immediate benefits aside and vote for a man who is trusted and tested to move the nation forward.

I am sure they will come to you with money and other things as we move towards the general election, please collect it and vote for your conscience. Some of us have allowed these goodies to influence our judgment in the past; but we can see where we are now.

Let’s put our future into consideration, let put the future of our brothers, sisters and our children into consideration.


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