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How Enyo’s Personnel Understudy Programme impacted my career journey – Joseph Onni


The Station Personnel understudy programme (Station PUP) for graduates is an initiative of Enyo Retail and Supply Limited in over ten states of its operations. The programme empowers selected applicants with administrative and managerial skills, needed to oversee fuel retail operations
and prepare them for career advancement in the Oil and Gas sector. In this interview with Dipo Oladehinde, one of the beneficiaries of the Station PUP, Joseph Onni, speaks on the impact of the programme on his career. Excerpts:

You were selected for the Enyo Station Personnel Understudy Programme. What influenced your decision to apply?

In 2017, I found a publication which told the story of Abayomi Awobokun, CEO at Enyo Retail and Supply and his journey to industry leadership. This truly inspired me and working with the same company he leads is a step towards pursuing my desire to be mentored by him. I strongly have a
passion for Business Leadership and the Enyo Station PUP was an opportunity to improve my career, hence my decision to apply for the program.

The Station PUP is an inclusive initiative for graduates who aim to work in Oil and Gas. How immersive was this for you?

The programme was pivotal to my deep understanding of the industry. The exposure across various segments of the business both in the classroom and on-the-job training have been valuable. It was more than a starter course; it was an accelerated push into the industry. The training featured inspiring sessions from industry professionals across different sections of the business through classrooms and physical training. The facilities and tools available for the training also gave a whole new experience to my pursuit of industry exposure.

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Enyo Retail and Supply

What areas did you specialise in during the programme?

I challenged myself to acquire as much knowledge as possible. My ambition to lead Nigeria’s largest conglomerates keeps me motivated to work harder and take advantage of every opportunity. Also, my willingness to not limit myself and specialise in every aspect, helped me learn
a lot and supported my research.

Tell us about the experience and the new skills you developed during the programme?

I learned industry standards on product quality, and the supply chain structure. Safety requirement, stakeholder management approach, team leadership, motivation, reporting, audit financial and asset amongst many other skills. I engaged extra hours beyond my training requirements to ask questions and observe the operations of the station towards supporting my desire to gain the required exposure. Overall, my resilience and adaptability skills increased due to the rigorous process of the programme.

What impact has Station PUP had on your growth and how has it enhanced your career?

The impact has been great; it is currently the core of my career in the industry. Anyone who diligently undergoes the programme has the full potential to be an executive in a few years if given the right opportunity to leverage the exposure and knowledge from the training.

What other ways do you intend to use the knowledge acquired to advance the Oil and Gas sector?

I have always been a passionate strategist who seeks process improvement by leveraging digital transformation. My desire is to continually spot blue oceans and position myself for unique
opportunities. I want to build strategies to optimize and enhance offerings across the industry and grow my margin potential.

Did you have any challenges during the programme and were your expectations met?

The programme exceeded my expectations. I had no challenges because I stayed focused throughout the programme. I sought industry exposure and it comes at a cost that may demand your comfort sometimes. I learned to be flexible and adaptable to see opportunities in every challenge.

Tell us about your experience working at Enyo Retail & Supply?

Every young graduate and industry professional should consider Enyo Retail in the course of their career journey. It is expository and intriguing. You grow massively. The quality leadership of the Abayomi Awobokun will always inspire you to deliver outstanding results. He is a huge motivation to everyone on the team.

What advice do you have for other young people who would like to apply for Station PUP?

You don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about it. Just go for it and it will be the best decision you would make towards your career transformation. Focus on the value system in the process and you would get the best.