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At JMG, we focus on prioritising brand reputation, energy efficiency and comprehensive after-sales service – Sameh

At JMG, we focus on prioritising brand reputation, energy efficiency and comprehensive after-sales service – Sameh

Ahmed Mohamed Sameh is the head of JMG Elevators & Escalators Division in Nigeria. In this interview with Businessday, he spoke about how JMG Limited has distinguished itself in the market where it plays, its unique offering, explaining that the company focuses on prioritising brand reputation, energy efficiency, and comprehensive after-sales service. He also spoke on other areas of the company’s business. Excerpts:

Could you please give us a brief overview of what JMG Limited does?

JMG Limited is a leading provider of electro-mechanical solutions in Nigeria. We specialise in offering a wide range of products and services including generators, inverters and batteries, elevators and escalators, solar solutions, cooling solutions and air compressors. We also provide comprehensive after-sales services, complete with spare-parts and maintenance support for all our offerings.

We are aware that you provide a comprehensive electro-mechanical solution; could you tell us about them? What makes your service offering unique in the market?

Our electro-mechanical solutions encompass various products and services tailored to upgrade the places where people work and live and provide a wide range of solutions to homes and businesses. Our products can be used to power structures, cool environments, transport people in buildings, and enhance industrial output. Foremost, our products and services stand out due to the world-leading brands we represent, that cutting edge technology and products that offer more energy-efficiency to help our customers reduce their electricity bills and save on fuel expenses. Our products add comfort, safety, and efficiency to people’s lives.

Give us a general overview of the elevator and escalator solution space in Nigeria and the role JMG Limited plays?

The elevator and escalator sector in Nigeria is experiencing dynamic and rapid growth, propelled by urbanisation and infrastructure development. With the World Bank forecasting that by 2050, 70percent of Nigerians will reside in cities, and construction growth in Nigeria expected to rise, JMG is positioned to play a significant role, providing cutting-edge elevator and escalator solutions that enhance mobility and convenience in both commercial and residential buildings across the country.

Your group partners with TK Elevator, a global leader in elevator and escalator technology. Tell us about this partnership and what does representing them mean for your company?

TK Elevator has its products installed in renowned landmarks worldwide, including the Dubai International Airport and the World Trade Center in New York, among many others. Our partnership with TK Elevator, a global leader in elevator and escalator technology, is a testament to our dedication to offering best-in-class solutions to our Nigerian clients. Representing TK Elevator enables us to access state-of-the-art technology and expertise, allowing us to deliver superior products and services to our customers.

What are the key features and technologies that distinguish energy-efficient elevators and escalators from traditional models?

Energy-efficient elevators and escalators incorporate advanced technologies such as regenerative drives, LED lighting, and intelligent controls to minimise energy consumption while maintaining optimal performance. These features not only reduce operational costs but also contribute to environmental sustainability by lowering carbon emissions.

What are the potential cost savings and environmental benefits associated with investing in energy-efficient elevators and escalators like TK Elevators, compared to conventional models over their lifespan?

Investing in energy-efficient elevators and escalators like TK Elevator can result in significant cost savings over their lifespan due to reduced energy consumption and maintenance requirements. Additionally, these systems help mitigate environmental impact by conserving energy resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with sustainability goals.

Can you provide examples of successful execution of energy-efficient elevator and escalator systems in Nigerian buildings or infrastructure projects?

We have successfully executed energy-efficient elevator and escalator systems in various Nigerian landmarks and projects, including the Ark Church, being the largest church in Nigeria with 15 elevators and 48 escalators, the Akwa Ibom International Airport with 12 elevators and 4 escalators and multiple other projects across the nation such as commercial complexes, residential towers, airports, and malls. These installations have not only enhanced mobility and convenience but also demonstrated tangible benefits in terms of energy savings and environmental stewardship.

Why would building developers and house owners patronise JMG instead of other competing brands in the market?

Building developers and homeowners are encouraged to choose JMG for our comprehensive pre-support services, including customisation, site assistance, traffic analysis studies, versatile finishes, and expertise in evaluating and proposing tailored elevator and escalator solutions for their projects until delivery and installation. Additionally, our post-support includes a dedicated maintenance and emergency team to ensure continuous operation of our products and provide backup assistance in emergencies. Our management team, with over a century of combined experience, guarantees exceptional service.

Furthermore, our products, sourced from TK Elevator, undergo continuous improvement through research and development, drawing from insights gained in some of the world’s largest projects. As the preferred choice for discerning customers, we offer high-performance, stylish, safe, and energy-efficient vertical transportation solutions.

How are you handling the competition from other brands?

The elevator and escalator market in Nigeria is dominated by a few major players offering premium brands. Our focus lies in prioritising brand reputation, energy efficiency, and comprehensive after-sales service, including spare parts availability, maintenance, and safety measures. We are the preferred choice for well-maintained and fully functional elevators and escalators, ensuring round-the-clock operation. Supported by TK Elevator, a renowned brand synonymous with vertical transportation excellence, we benefit from ground-breaking innovations such as the TWIN system, which features two cabins in a single shaft, and the pioneering MULTI, the world’s first sideways rope-free moving elevator capable of multi-directional movement. In addition to our advanced maintenance capabilities and expertise, these unique features set us apart from our competitors.

For more information about our Elevator and Escalator division, please visit our website at jmglimited.com/elevators-escalators. To submit your project requirements or reach our Elevator & Escalator division directly, you can contact us at +2348060565509 or via email at [email protected].