‘AfCFTA brightens prospects of Africans in Diaspora investing back home’

The Africa Continental Free Trade Area, AfCFTA, not only promotes intra-African trade, but also brightens the prospects of Africans in the Diaspora returning to establish businesses across the continent. African-American and Chief Executive Officer of KC Productions in St. Louis, Missouri, Keith Clinton, on his first-ever visit to Africa recently, gave the insight in this interview with MARTIN-LUTHER C. KING in Accra. Clinton, who plans to establish a film production facility in Accra, expected to be Africa’s largest when completed, urges the AfCFTA to, additionally, create an environment that inter-connects like-minded professionals across the continent to work more together.


This is your first visit to the Motherland, Africa; and, to Ghana. What is your impression?

Ghana is a beautiful country and at the cusp of a new era as a country. I have been astounded at the level of humility and kindness expressed towards me by Ghanaians.

How can Africans in the Diaspora, especially African-Americans, connect more, especially economically, with countries in the homeland?

Social media is a key conduit in driving business growth in this digital age and can be used to establish loyalty with clients and customers.

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What do you think of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area? And, how can the AfCFTA be a strategic link between Africans in the Homeland and the African Diaspora?

The AfCFTA plays a vital role in aiding countries to establish trade partnerships, and facilitating the return of Africans in the Diaspora to establish businesses across borders, as well as opening up opportunities to partner with foreign individuals and businesses. Summits such as the Africa Globalised Investment Forum create an environment to connect with like-minded professionals with a common goal in establishing partnerships across the continent.

You attended the Africa Globalised Investment Summit in Accra this October. What is your take-away from the conference?

Collaboration with right businesses and individuals and recognising timing and taking hold of opportunities are key.

What is your impression of the film and movie industry in Ghana? How can the industry be made more attractive to investors, both local and foreign?

Industry players need to collaborate and be able to leverage their own resources before approaching potential Investors with their business projects.

Kindly tell us about yourself?

I am a man graced by God with a large vision and a heart for humanity.

Do you have any final word?

We must put God first; and, walk in His grace, wisdom and guidance in our efforts to move forward.


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