• Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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With Airtel data, you have healthcare coverage from Axa Mansard

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AXA Mansard, a member of the AXA Group and Airtel Nigeria has launched an innovative health bundle, aimed at addressing the healthcare needs of millions of Nigerians who are unable to afford the high cost of healthcare in the country.

The health bundle will give Airtel customers access to healthcare via a short code when they buy specific data bundles. The bundle will also provide easy access to pharmacies for medication of up to N60,000 per year and hospitalization reimbursement cover of N20,000 monthly and up to N240,000 in a year.

The Airtel AXA-Mansard health bundle provides three healthcare services: Telemedicine, Pharmacy Services, and Hospitalization reimbursement. Airtel customers can access the bundle (Data b+ health insurance) directly by dialling *141*44#. There are three bundles available: N700 gives you 1Gb data and health care insurance valid for 7 days, N1700 gives you 2Gb data and health care insurance valid for 30 days, and N3500 gives you 10Gb data and health care insurance valid for 30 days.

Tope Adeniyi, chief executive officer, of AXA Mansard, said the Airtel AXA-Mansard health bundle is a game-changer in the Nigerian healthcare system. “Airtel is committed to delivering solutions that enrich the lives of its customers, and this health bundle is one of such solutions. We urge all Airtel customers to take advantage of this innovative service and protect themselves and their loved ones.

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“This is a new and innovative service that has not been done before, and it shows that Airtel cares about its customers, Adeniyi said.

Speaking at the launch, Alfred Egbai, deputy chief digital Innovation Officer, AXA Mansard said customers can subscribe by purchasing the data via a unique code (×141×44#)

“When you feel ill the next thing is to click the link that takes them straight to a WhatsApp – WhatsApp channel. A customer can engage with a doctor who tries to understand their symptoms and exactly what it would look like if they walked into the hospital today. We have designed the same process and the doctor understands their symptoms, he links the customer with a pharmacy.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the inadequacies of the healthcare system in Nigeria. Many Nigerians do not have access to proper healthcare, and over 90 percent of the population do not understand the importance of health care protection. The majority of Nigerians rely on self-medication, closet doctors, and traditional healers for healthcare. This is a situation that needs urgent attention, and Airtel is taking the lead in addressing it.”

“The Airtel AXA-Mansard health bundle is an innovative solution that empowers more Nigerians to conveniently access best-in-class health insurance value offerings. Airtel customers can now access affordable health care insurance when they buy airtel data bundles. This is a new and innovative service that has not been done before, and it shows that Airtel cares about its customers”, Axa Mansard said.