• Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Sovereign Trust backs human resource project for economy


Underwriting firm, Sovereign Trust Insurance plc said it would continue to invest and promote human resource development for positive impact to the social and economic development of the economy. This is in realisation that the overall development of the human resource, right from teenage up to adulthood would have a positive impact in building a stronger society and productive economy.

Segun Bankole, spokesman, Sovereign Trust plc who made the observation on the initiative “The Teenage Life Project”, a programme organised for youths and secondary schools in Lagos and supported by the underwriting firm said “as a socially responsible corporate entity, we are sensitive to the happenings in our immediate environment and beyond.

“The wellbeing of every young adult is important for the continued existence of our nation because the youths are the future of our country and as such they must be encouraged and supported in every sphere of their existence.”

Bankole observed that the company will continue to support initiatives geared towards advancing the human capital resource programme of the economy.

He said that the support for the Teenage Life Project is in line with one of the company’s CSR platform which is hinged on health, sports and the environment, pointing out that the firm is committed to ensuring that initiatives under these categories are supported in bringing about positive change in the society.

Jessica Braimah, coordinator of the project, stated that “‘the Teenage Life Project’ is set out to secure the future of young people, providing them with enduring moral compass as their guide for navigation in the passage of life.”

According to her, it is pertinent that youths are appropriately sensitszed and empowered with adequate knowledge and skills that will enable them adopt pre-marital sex abstinence as the most preferred option for the prevention of sexually-transmitted diseases, the prevention of teenage pregnancies as well as abortion.

To further amplify the sensitisation and advocacy reach, the organisation has adopted an interactive radio programme that is focused on youth and family life with regard to everyday moral issues. She said the main objective of the programme is to reduce to the barest minimum, such societal malaise like prostitution, rape, teenage pregnancies, abortion and HIV/AIDS transmission.

Sovereign Trust has kept an impressive record in pioneering and advocating for a healthy society amongst insurance companies in the country, having been part of Hospice Home for the physically challenged children and other charitable homes in the country.