• Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Leadway Group launches unified campaign across products lines

Leadway Assurance announces strategic leadership transitions


The Leadway Group, one of Nigeria’s leading non-banking financial conglomerates, has launched the ‘Leadway One campaign’ to showcase its various service and product offerings across all its associate companies.

‘Leadway One Campaign’ is the group’s affirmation of its capacity to be a one-stop destination for a potpourri of non-banking financial services, including insurance, pension management, wills & trust services, investment offerings, and health management offerings, from its associate companies, Leadway Assurance, Leadway Pensure PFA, Leadway Capital & Trust, Leadway Health and Leadway Asset Management.

Commenting on the campaign, Olusakin Labeodan, The group’s chief marketing officer, Leadway stated, “This drive is a testament to our superior showcase of variegated products and services that fuels our unwavering commitment to provide comprehensive, yet simplified, convenient and accessible non-banking financial solutions for our customers.

With this campaign, we demonstrate an exquisite exhibition of the rich offerings across our group, opening doors to unparalleled synergy, wealth creation tools, risk and asset management, health and well-being solutions. These unified offerings amplify our ability to safeguard financial security, enhance well-being, and support individuals and businesses at every stage of their life and enterprise journey.

“Through this campaign, we seize the opportunity to express our capacity to offer Nigerians revolutionary market innovations, delivering unparalleled value under a well-curated cross-subsidiaries offering.

“We are doubling down on our affirmation that we are open to growing customers – individuals, families, businesses, and corporates alike, to a world of more opportunities, all in one place”, Labeodan added.

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Also commenting, Tunde Hassan-Odukale, chief executive officer of Leadway Assurance said, “The Leadway One campaign is a robust expression of how we empower our diverse customers and elevate our collective purpose of expanding our capacity to build a world-class single-destination for seamless, safe, and secure non-banking financial solutions. It represents more than just a convergence of offerings; it embodies our revolutionary, future-forward-leaning product development credentials that underscore our superior value creation and delivers endless possibilities for all stakeholders.

“As a leading non-banking financial services group, we stand out with our one-stop-shop of comprehensive insurance policies, pension and retirement life support, risk and asset management, health solutions and wealth transfer; we are best set up to empower individuals and businesses to navigate the opportunities and vagaries of life and enterprise with unwavering assurance and confidence. Through Leadway One, we aim to transform lives, enabling individuals and businesses to chase their dreams, embrace their passions, and safeguard their futures.