• Saturday, March 02, 2024
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FUG Pensions ready for competition in customers service, ROI


Management of FUG Pensions Limited says it is ready for future competition having positioned to deliver quality customer service and strong returns on investment(ROI). These key qualities the company says are the measurement parameters for competition in the industry going forward, and would not leave any stone unturned in achieving set targets.

Suleiman Usman, managing director/CEO of the Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) who disclosed this during media tour of its new head office located on Commercial Road, Yaba, said relocating at this time was part of efforts to get closer to its customers particularly pensioners and retirees who are mostly in the mainland area of Lagos.

Usman said having operated since 2007 in a rented apartment in Victoria Island, it became obvious that it needed to relocate to a more suitable area. “One, we realised that most of our clients live on the mainland and they find it much more convenient going to places on the mainland than coming to Victoria Island, so we realised it was most appropriate that move nearer to them.

“Secondly, we thought that our Company has matured enough to now own its own property rather than continue to stay in a rented property. So, these two reasons now made us to start looking out for a suitable place that would be convenient for us and our clients,” Usman noted.

Beyond the new office, the Company has also acquired state of the art IT facility that enables easy generation of Retirement Savings Account PINs from anywhere in the country and connected to the head office. The Abuja office which also serves as control office for Northern operation is online directly connected to the head office and also serves as a backup, like an additional disaster recovery site.

On the Company’s self service platform, which targets at making communication and services easier for customers, Usman stated “having recognised that we now try to look at all possible options of making things very, very convenient for our clients and for any other person outside that sees the convenience with our existing clients would want to be part of it.

“Self Service platform is an IT platform in which provision is made for our clients to, at their own convenience on their phones or iPads, be able to access every service that they require, for enquiry about their account position, calling for the statement, checking their balances or even registering or call in for a specific service.”

Beyond that, the company has also established an Automatic Voice Recorder (AVR),  “what we had before was like a telephone, you call and somebody would pick and you discus, but now you can serve yourself and it is automatic with which you can get the response in four different languages apart from English, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo and pidgin.

“People are not necessarily located here, but automatically, once you say you need a response in Hausa it would automatically direct you to the person in Abuja who now responds to you and nobody would know because it is automatic. So these are some of the facilities we have been able to set up to enable us serve our clients better.

On returns on investment, another competitive edge, Usman said the company has continued to build capacity in this area with a view to getting the best deals. ‘I’m also proud to say that our head of Investment is one of the best in the industry and she is recognised as such.

“Investment management is the business she has been doing for the past 25 years and she does not only know how to do it but also has personal acumen for it.  So with all these, we now believe that we are fully positioned to look into the future in the second phase of our growth.”