• Wednesday, December 06, 2023
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CIIN continues drive for greater insurance culture


The training arm of the industry, the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN) has continued to deepen insurance culture and expanding the scope of awareness.

Not limiting this effort to those who can pay for insurance today, the institute is building for tomorrow, bringing those who will become futures of tomorrow to the knowledge about insurance, and as a career.

This is driving its effort to ensure that insurance is taken at both the secondary and tertiary levels across country.

Therefore, in the bid to promote teaching and learning of insurance in schools, CIIN has donated more than 12, 000 copies of insurance textbooks to senior secondary schools and colleges across the country through the various ministries of education and directly to some schools.

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Speaking to the Journalists during the unveiling of new insurance course books in Lagos, Muftau Oyegunle, president/chairman of Council of the CIIN, said that all tertiary institutions offering insurance in Nigeria, Cameroon and The Gambia have received two sets of CIIN course books to support and encourage the student members of the Institute to take their professional examinations.

“We have domesticated all our insurance textbooks but we still maintain a very healthy relationship with the Insurance Institute of London because insurance is a global business.”

On the importance of insurance to the national economy, Oyegunle said: “Insurance helps the economy to grow. It is a business that builds national wealth, and help people beat poverty. Insurance is in the interest of our future, and so it is our collective responsibility to take insurance to the level of higher penetration like what obtains in other countries, Oyegunle said.