• Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Africa Re celebrates life and times of Bakary Kamara

Africa Re celebrates life and times of Bakary Kamara

Bakary Kamara was a man who dedicated his life to serving others. As the immediate past group managing director of Africa Re, the Continent’s leading reinsurance company, he was a trailblazer in the insurance industry, and his legacy will live on through the company he helped build.

This is the story of a life well lived, and a man who will be remembered for his passion, dedication, and vision that has seen Africa Re, emerge a giant in Africa and around the world.

At an evening of tributes, themed: “The Colossus” organised by Africa Re in honour of Bakary Kamara weekend at The Sky Restaurant, Eko Hotel, saw friends, colleagues, family and industry leaders gathered to celebrate the life and legacy of man who contributed tremendously to the growth of African insurance industry. He passed on 12 January 2024.

Born in 1949, Kamara’s journey in the insurance sector was marked by dedication, vision, and transformative leadership. His tenure at Africa Re saw tremendous growth in premium income, profit and shareholders fund. The Evening of Tributes, organized by the African Reinsurance Corporation, is a powerful testament to the enduring impact “The Colossus” left on the African insurance landscape.

During the Evening of Tributes, a heartfelt video montage played, telling the story of Bakary Kamara’s remarkable journey, from his early career to his visionary and influential leadership at Africa Re.

Distinguished speakers, including Corneille Karekezi, the group managing director/CEO of Africa Re, vividly portrayed his character in their heartfelt tributes. “When giants leave this world, they leave behind giants; they leave behind strong institutions, they leave behind strong families, they leave behind good culture. Africa Re is not a normal institution; it’s a very complex institution because we are not in one country. We have all the cultures of the African continent in one institution.”

The evening delved beyond professional accolades, revealing the multifaceted dimensions of Bakary Kamara. His Children, Former colleagues and mentees shared personal stories that highlighted his compassion, generosity, and unwavering commitment to empowering others.

“My Father would tell us that being educated does not mean you are better than the one who has never been to a western school. Being financially independent does not mean that you are better than one with little means. Being a Muslim does not mean you are better than a Christian or a Jew, said Hada Kamara.

These poignant testimonials resonated with the audience, showcasing a leader who touched lives far beyond the boardroom.

In his heartfelt tribute, Ken Aghoghovbia, DMD/COO of Africa Re, spoke of the profound impact. Bakary Kamara had on the institution. “Mr Kamara demonstrated the rare combination of tough love and genuine care. Recognizing the potential within each individual, he pushed us beyond our comfort zones, challenging us to dig deeper, strive harder and never settle for less. Thus, the collective goal of staff under his leadership was to be nothing but the best, and as a result Africa Re became a respectable global brand.”

The Evening of Tributes wasn’t simply retrospective; it was a call to action. Industry leaders discussed how Kamara’s vision continues to shape the future of African insurance, emphasizing specific examples of how his legacy is being carried forward. This forward-looking perspective cemented his place as a guiding light, inspiring generations of professionals to build upon his foundation.

As the evening concluded, it became clear that Bakary Kamara was beyond just a leader; he was a symbol of an unwavering commitment to a brighter future for Africa. His legacy will continue to inspire generations of insurance professionals to build upon his foundation and contribute to the continent’s economic and social development.

“As we remember Bakary Kamara’s remarkable life and the profound impact he made, the African Reinsurance Corporation reaffirms its commitment to its vision – a vision of a stronger, more resilient Africa, where insurance plays a vital role in protecting and enabling progress. Kamara’s legacy serves as a beacon, guiding us as we continue to fulfil our promise, says Africa Re.