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‘Nigeria is a fertile ground for Impact Investing, but there aren’t many Impact Investors’- Dr Wiebe Boer

Wiebe Boer, CEO of All on Energy, is the guest for this week’s episode of BusinessDay’s radio show, Impact Investing Today. Impact Investing Today is a weekly radio show anchored by Lehle Balde, that sheds light on the Impact Investing Landscape in Nigeria and the benefits and opportunities that lie within.

 At the beginning of this week’s episode, themed “Impact Investing and the Energy Sector,” Boer defines  Impact Investing as “when a business from the start commits to make both social impact and financial returns”. Boer stresses the need for businesses, with this resolve, to actively measure the returns from these commitments.

 Boer is one of the early advocates of the Impact Investing Landscape in Nigeria and Africa at large. He throws more light on the current state of Impact Investing in Nigeria:

  “Even though Nigeria is a fertile ground for Impact Investing, there aren’t many Impact investors,” he says.

 He attributes the current low level of Impact Investing in Nigeria to the nation’s reputation of not having a conducive, enabling business environment.  However, according to him, on the flip side, this has led to a lot of Impact Investment companies being home-grown.

 Wiebe also doles out advice to social enterprises, harping on the importance of honesty, the need for social enterprises to focus on the financial returns of the business as well as the intent to make a societal impact.

He believes that the future of the Impact Investing Landscape in Nigeria lies deeply in awareness of the opportunities of the market and a set of innovative policies created by the government to regulate and reward Impact Investors.

  Listen to the episode below to discover more on Boer’s thoughts by clicking on the link below;

 Impact Investing and The Energy Sector

 Impact Investing Today is powered by Ford Foundation, Impact Investing Foundation and Nigeria info FM. It airs every Wednesday on Nigeria info FM  from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm.


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