• Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Impact Investing Show draws attention to Nigeria’s agric sector

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The recent episode of the Impact Investing Today, a show hosted by BusinessDay has drawn attention to the inherent potentials of Nigeria’s agricultural sector. 

The episode themed, ‘Impact Investing and the Agricultural Sector’ had as a special Ayodeji Balogun, CEO of Afex. Afex links producers and consumers of commodities with a system that supports a fair exchange of value to create a trust economy where producers, processors and investors can fulfil their potential for increased productivity and wealth creation.

Balogun describes Impact Investing as the ability to ‘’unlock private capital in a structure that can induce economic value in a shared way’’. He views Impact Investing from the lens of sustainable development goals because it will help streamline its focus. 

Balogun speaks also about how Impact Investing can be used to reach sustainable development. He looks at it from three perspectives; exploring the impact capital and where it is coming from, understanding the investment landscape itself, what instruments available today and who are the social enterprises that will get this funding. According to Balogun, when all these ramifications are taken into consideration, it will be easier to deduce how impact investing will help societies with developing economies fulfil some sustainable development goals.

In solving developmental problems, businesses with the purpose of intent should scale up from being ‘’small’ to him ’’an SME should not remain small for more than five years’’. For this to happen, Balogun stresses the need to properly enable the ecosystem that these businesses exist.

Ayodeji Balogun offers some advice to up and coming social enterprises that are looking scale. He stresses the need for collaboration among social enterprises… 

Click on the link below to  listen to the rest of Ayodeji Balogun thoughts;

Impact Investing and the Agricultural Sector 

Last week ‘s episode, we explored the interplay between impact investing and the energy sector.  Wiebe Boer, CEO of the All on Energy who was the guest discussed the opportunities that abound for impact investors in Nigeria’s energy sector. Boer made the attestation that there are not enough impact investors in the sector.

Click on the link below to listen to his thoughts

Impact Investing and the Energy Sector 

Impact Investing today is a show that thrives to make clear the grey areas that surround the concept of Impact Investing in Nigeria. Every week, Anchor Lehle Balde along with thought leaders from the landscape will breakdown the concepts and outline the challenges, benefits and opportunities that lie in the market.

Impact Investing Today is powered by Ford Foundation, Impact Investing Foundation and Nigeria info FM. It airs every Wednesday on Nigeria info FM  from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm.