• Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Impact Investing radio show sheds light on market opportunities

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The Impact Investing space has many viable opportunities for potential players. Investments can be made to advance social and environmental solutions that can also produce financial returns.

In this week’s episode of Impact Investing Today, we dig deep into the viable opportunities that lie in the Impact Investing ecosystem. This week, Ujunwa Ojemeni features as a guest. 

Ujunwa Ojemeni is an impact investing, energy and development expert with experience in the areas of opportunity maturation, financing, and policy. At the Office of to the Honourable Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources Lagos State, she drives policies, investment opportunities and implementation strategies to deliver reliable energy to the citizens of the State. 

On the weekly show, Ojemeni gives an insight into what she perceives the Impact Investing landscape to be. For her, it is all about being intentional. An investor has to be intentional about what a particular investment is set to achieve. In addition, Impact Investing has to be about achieving social impact as well as financial returns.  

Ujunwa Ojumeni also outlines the loopholes that hinder the growth of the market. For her, the impact investing ecosystem in Nigeria is evolving and the government is playing its role as the facilitator of that evolution but more work needs to be done to sustain this evolution.  According to her, the government needs to be deliberate about following through to ensure that policies are implemented effectively. There also needs to be synergy amongst sectors of the economy to ensure that the impact investing market keeps growing.

Click on the link below to hear more about Ojumeni thoughts on the opportunities in the  Impact Investing Market.

Opportunities In Impact Investing Ecosystem In Africa

Impact Investing today is a show that thrives to make clear the grey areas that surround the concept of Impact Investing in Nigeria. Every week, Anchor Lehle Balde along with thought leaders from the landscape will breakdown the concepts and outline the challenges, benefits and opportunities that lie in the market.

Impact Investing Today is powered by Ford Foundation, Impact Investing Foundation and Nigeria info FM. It airs every Wednesday on Nigeria info FM  from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm.