You can treat cancer without necessarily opening it up – Amukele

Samuel Amukele, director of African Medical Missionaries Initiative (AMMI), who uses charcoal, water therapy, sun, veggies to heal persons rejected by orthodox medicine, sees diabetes as easiest ailment to cure. The father of three US-based medical doctors celebrates 20 years of the wonders of natural medicine practice and free teaching, since he relocated to Nigeria with his wife, Zazeni. In this interview with IGNATIUS CHUKWU, Amukele revealed the secrets that can heal almost every disease and why cancer kills faster after biopsy. He also said that raw food is ‘living food’, while cooked food is ‘dead food’.

Sir, can you further introduce yourself in your own way?

My name is Samuel A Timothy Amukele, Founder/Director, African Medical Missionaries Initiative (AMMI). I am a trained lawyer and also a trained health professional. I live here in Odiokwu in Ahoada, Rivers State. My primary focus is educating people about health so they can take handle their own healthcare. This does not have to cost so much, given what God has provided for us in our environment. Our primary purpose here is health education.

Does the organisation you lead have a name and what is your rank or title?

The name is African Medical Missionaries Initiative (AMMI). I am the Director.

Can you first of all tell us the story of your life before we go to the medical side?

I was born in this town of Odiokwu and had my primary school education in Ahoada, and secondary school in Lagos. I went overseas (the US) for my first and second degrees. I am married. We have three children. Our daughter is a hospital administrator in Baltimore, Maryland (John Hopkins University Hospital). Our two sons are also medical doctors; Timothy and Samuel. They are working. Timothy has been a lecturer in John Hopkins. He is heading a laboratory group now. My first son is in California, Sandiego, working with a medical group. They are all medical doctors.

You are a lawyer but how did you come about to African herbal medical line?

The wonders of charcoal

It began in 1999 ending. I was invited for a programme in the US. There, what I saw was what I had never seen before. My wife and I participated. Our eyes were opened to the limitless wonders in Natural Medicine. We saw for example that charcoal is so very important that it could cure so many diseases here in Nigeria.

Coming out of that programme, I had a huge impression in my mind that this is what I needed to do for Nigerians. No, I tried to blot it off my mind, but God kept pressing, go back to Nigeria, go back to Nigeria. I remember arguing that no Nigerian would have opportunity to live in the US and leave to come back. If the whole country had such opportunity, everybody would be gone. So, how would I leave the US and go back to Nigeria. This went on for months and I remember I felt like the biblical figure who tried to evade God’s order for a mission. I gave all manner of excuses.

One of the things we were to do was introduce vegetarianism. So, I told God, you don’t even know the people of Rivers State. You won’t find one single Rivers man that is a vegetarian. This was on a Wednesday. On Sunday, one Rivers lady called that her mother was around and they would come to visit us. I said come. So, as I was conversing with the lady, she told me she was a vegetarian. Wao! It was like God was addressing my last excuse. She said her church encouraged and taught vegetarianism. That was my last excuse and God had just knocked it off. There and then, I decided I was to come back to Nigeria to see what I could do about some of the things I had discovered.

So, we came back in 2001, fully. Since then, we have been engaged in health education. We started by going from city to city, town to town, village to village, having what we called Health Expo (Heath Exposition). We were teaching people and giving them free treatment. We were treating them and lecturing them on Natural Health (natural remedies that are available all over the place). Charcoal, greatest medicine on earth

We have been on it for 20 years now. The impact has been made in Rivers State and a lot of people in the state now know the importance of charcoal. I wish this knowledge is all over Nigeria. I believe and I know that charcoal is the greatest medicine on earth today. People ask which type of charcoal. I say, the same one in your kitchen. All you need is to be shown how to prepare it and use it. We have been teaching it and it has been very rewarding, seeing people that have been condemned by orthodox medicine but they come here and get cured.

Diabetes and Cancer, easy

One of the fastest growing diseases now is diabetes. Another one is cancer; breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, etc. Is cancer curable? Yes! I am not saying every cancer is curable but we have evidence of persons that God has cured here. What is the cure? Vegetables and all this greeneries! Why did God keep them around? They are medicine. In Ezekiel Chapter 47, we are told that the leaves of the tree were medicine. Revelation Chapter 23 we were told that the leaves of the tree were for healing. It is clearly the case. We are healing a lot merely by the use of green leafy vegetables.

The orthodox medicine says that Diabetes is not curable, but I want to tell you that Diabetes is one of the easiest diseases to cure. All the person has to do is drink two or three cups of vegetable juice every day. Within two weeks, it is gone.

My main work is to open the eyes of people to see the possibilities they can do for themselves in our environment. I can tell you it is a rewarding work we are doing.

Are there some cases that amaze you most?

Yes! Water therapy. Years ago we had the case of a woman who brought her son. He was lying on the floor and could not sit or stand up. I examined the boy and discovered the boy was paralysed, a child of about five years, paralysed from neck down.

We soaked this boy in hot water from neck down for four days. After that, he began to run around again. Just four days. We bought this big rubber, filled it with hot water and soaked him for four days.

Another case is this lady we saw in Bonny when we went there for an outreach. They took her blood pressure (BP) and it was 268/130, a woman of only 27 years. We were alarmed. I was looking for what to tell her to get her attention to what I was going to ask her to do. I asked her; are you married? She said, yes. Do you have a child? Yes, a daughter. Then I said, assuming you die today, what would happen to your daughter, who do you trust to take care of her? She screamed. I said, you will not die, but what if you died? She thought about it and said, her sister. I said, do you trust your sister to take care of your daughter the way you would? She remained mute. I knew I had got her thinking and I had her attention. I said, you have very high blood pressure. You do not have to die, but you could. Stroke could happen. But, if you do what I am going to tell you, you will not die. She agreed to do whatever I asked to do. I said, you will drink five litres of water a day. I made her swear she was going to do it. She did.

For the next five days, we could not find her. We were wondering whether she had met with stroke. Then, about the seventh day, she showed up. Wao! Everybody screamed. We asked her what happened. She said she had been drinking water the way we told her. We checked her BP, it was now normal. Wao! All she did was drink five litres of water every day; that is one gallon and one extra litre, every day. She healed herself of high BP. I am not saying that would do for every BP case, but she healed herself of BP merely by drinking more water.

Somebody was rushed here. They removed her from the hospital because they were going to amputate her hands. Why? Diabetes wounds, called diabetic sore. Gangrene had set in. The hand was virtually dead because no blood was feeding the hand. There are people like that; alive and eating, but because of diabetes, you can virtually put their leg or hand in fire and they will not know it at all. We saw her condition and we started immediately to treat her.

First, what do we do? Remember that you can’t stay with someone with infected sores in one room. What we did was to do disinfection. How? We used sugar. Would you believe it? This is somebody that was suffering from sugar, but we used sugar to attack it. Why did we do it? Bacteria were feeding on the sore. Oh, they love it. So, in order to get them out of the sore, you have to give them something sweeter than what they are eating. So, we piled sugar on the sore. The bacteria will leave the sore and come to the sugar. We pile more, they come more. After a while, we scraped out the sugar and bury in the ground. Now, sore was completely disinfected. Now, we could treat the sore and it did go, in one month. A nine year old sore left in one month. You would be wasting your time trying to cure diabetes sore without taking care of the diabetes. So, we give them vegetable juice two or three cups every day, plus some raw garlic, plus you have to make the diabetic patient to take cold showers every four hours from 5am, 9am, 11am, 3p, 5pm. In one month, you will get rid of diabetes. This has been proved. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, and when you change the lifestyle, it goes.

Eating sugar does not cause diabetes

We use to think that diabetes comes from eating sugar, but investigation was done in the US and it was shown that it is fat (fatty food) that causes it. If you want to get rid of diabetes, don’t continue to eat fat. I know persons that do not eat sugar but come down with diabetes. It is because of fat. Stop the use of oil, stop use of fat, you have a good chance of getting rid of diabetes. But, if you have diabetes and you are eating sugar, it makes it worse. You must get out of processed sugar in order to successfully get out of diabetes.

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Yes, I have endless accounts of those who recovered by using natural remedies.

Are you a herbalist?

Well, now, I can say yes. I know in the connotation of things in Nigeria, I mean, how do we look at herbalists? We look at them as those at the low side of the society. Is it a pity that God has given us these herbs and we do not regard it? We rely on foreign books to tell us what our herbs can do. We have universities that should be researching on our crops, trees, shrubs, but they are not doing it. It is however wonderful how you can enter into the bush, collect some leaves, boil or make juice out of it, give it to somebody in pains. Within moments, the person is thanking God and rejoicing. So, am I a herbalist. I can say that by the special grace of God, I am.

Can’t your organisation partner with any of the numerous universities to formalise the training academically?

Well, it can be done, but certain things must be done first. We are missionaries. It means that we believe in God; that there are certain laws that God has put in place which must be obeyed. A guy manufactures a bicycle and tells you how it is going to be used. If you want to use it, you have to obey. The Almighty that has created human beings and fitted us, would He not have certain regulations on how to utilise the human body? Of course, He does. So, we promote the natural laws of health. In fact, I say, Health is the reward of obedience to the laws of Health. You obey the laws of Health, what you get back is Health. For example, God said we must stay in the sun every day. So, we ask you to stay in the sun at least one hour per day; either morning or evening. Our grandparents never had deficiency of Vitamin D. This was because most of their time was spent under the sun. Where do the new Nigerians spend their time? Under the fan, air-conditioner, etc. Even to go to your work, you are inside the car. We go for days without the sun heating our bodies.

Vitamin D deficient country

Today, Nigerians are becoming Vitamin D deficient. And, if you are, there are so many diseases that result from that deficiency. For us to partner with any organization, they must accept: Thus Says the Lord. If God says we must spend time in the sun, you must. When our God says drink so much water freely, you must do it. We are not like Nigerians that say, drink adequate water. What is adequate water? We teach that an average person must drink 12 cups of water every day. Does water heal? Yes. I just told you about the lady who overcame her blood pressure through certain quantity of water for four days.

There are natural laws that must be obeyed. It does not matter if you say you do not know about the law. So, if you say you do not know the law of gravity, and you walk off the upstairs floor, gravity must work because you must fall. You are not eating well, or you are not going to toilet well. You know Nigerians tell you they go normal toilet. In Nigeria, it means once a day. I ask, how many times do you eat in a day? They say three times. See? Not to talk of groundnut, akara, bread, etc. Add all, and they are eating 10 times a day, but they go to toilet once a day.

Constipation, mother of diseases

Nigerians are constipating, clearly, and this is the mother of all diseases. It affects all parts of the body. There are people wasting because of loss of eye sight. The cause is constipation. For us to partner with any group, they must accept that there is a God that created us and we must obey His laws. We teach the Natural laws that God has put in place. When you obey these laws, they are the healers.

One hour in the sun and sleep like a baby

Somebody comes to say he cannot sleep or they are depending on drugs to sleep. I say, suppose I give you something that would make you sleep like a baby and you pay no kobo. They say there is nothing like that. I say, ok, spend one hour in the sun before 11am or evening from 4 to 6pm. You will sleep like a baby. They have tried it, and it works. The laws God put in place, they are our pillars.

I am surprised that you have not accused oil so far?

Hahaha. Yes, you know, both BP and diabetes are known as cardiovascular diseases. Ok? Where do they come from; fat, oil. Is oil necessary in the body? Yes, but how much oil is what we are talking about. There is oil that is very good, and there is certain oil that is bad, very bad. We encourage people not to use palm oil processed through heat. There are machines out there in Nigeria processing oil without it being boiled or heated. Those oils are wonderful. They are known as cold pressed oil.

We also recommend the use of banga. Clean it and use the banga water. It is good. It is good if you can pound it without boiling. That oil will never sleep. When I came back from the US and we wanted to start a bakery. We bought groundnut oil in the market, but by the morning, it is asleep. Sleep? Those things are fake. Cold pressed oil will not go to sleep and it is good.

Oil is dangerous: palm oil, ground nut oil, fear them. People are dying from BP, from stroke, etc, all these originated from oil, fat.

Fish worse than meat

Now, sometimes I have had friends come to me and say, oh, I am becoming a vegetarian. I no more eat meat now, I eat fish. They want to placate me and stop eating meat which they consider more evil and choose fish. I tell them, if you were knowledgeable, you will leave fish and choose meat, if you must. This is a pound of fish, this is a pound of meat, which is more objectionable? It is fish. Fish is more to be feared than meat. If you have been diabetic for years, you cannot continue to eat fish or agric fowl. No, they are loaded with fat. Fat is your number one problem, and you must get rid of it; no fried oil in your food. People are doing it. I know when the soup does not look like there is oil in it, many won’t eat it. Know what people are coming up with? They use turmeric in soup or stew. It makes it look like there is oil.

Oil is not good, except cold pressed oil. Cold pressed palm oil, groundnut oil, olive oil, but even then, you have to be careful not to over-use them.

What is the relationship between AMMI and government regulatory agencies, any regulations on your practice?

We have tried to stay within safe lines, not to go against regulation. We practise natural remedy. We don’t use drugs. I know someone who left here because we told him we do not use drugs. Those who know that drugs do not cure, they are very happy to be here. Someone that has had ulcer on drugs for up to 10 years, they religiously take their medication, but they still have ulcer. So, how can you say that the drug is curing anything? No! What drug does is to contain the disease for a while and it comes back. But when you use natural remedies, when you are cured, you are cured.

We also let you know what brought the disease in the first place. It is not just the curing; you need to observe the laws of health.

Ulcer remedy

Most ulcer drugs out there are only for the pain. It is not there to heal the ulcer. You have some sores in your system. What you need is for blood to get to the site where that ulcer is to heal it. So, what do we do? This is it; we give you or tell you to make Irish raw potato, and make juice out of it, then juice from raw cabbage. Combine the two and drink two cups a day. That juice contains Vitamin K, and it will heal the ulcer. It goes. But as long as all you are treating is pain, the ulcer can be there for the next 20 years, even if you are religiously taking your ulcer drugs.

No drugs, no fear of NAFDAC?

We do not use drugs. We do the following:

Just herbs and lifestyle and these are not under government regulation. We make our patients to sleep for 8 hours every night as part of our practice. How does that concern the government? We make them to sleep close to source of fresh air. Air is the source of life. Daily exercise. It is important. Rest: Your body needs rest. Some people say, oh, I can only sleep for four hours. Well, you will pay the price one day in life. No, your body needs seven to eight hours of sleep. You will get it when you keep to the laws of health. Water: Your body needs water. Most of the pains is because your body crying out for water. We went for a programme and this gentleman came complaining of pains. That evening, I presented a lecture on water. We told the guy to come in for treatment but we never saw him. We later saw him and asked him. He said, come for treatment for what? He said after the lecture, he went drinking plenty of water such that he forgot he had complained of pains. People are constipated. If you drink the right quantity of water, you will sleep; there would be no regular fever. People are having fever almost every month. Water will help you to overcome that.

Nutrition: There are five nutritional ingredients that your body needs every day; carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamin, minerals. If all you eat is gari, where is the protein, vitamins, the minerals? Are you guaranteed to be sick? Yes. You must suffer deficiency. You will be sick. So, we teach; you must eat fruits, vegetables, grains. These three are very important. These are your main food. We are encouraging people to go on fruits and vegetables. If you combine fruits and vegetables, especially raw, there is almost no disease that you cannot cure. Fruits and vegetables, raw!

Living food and dead food

Ok, we say, cooked food is dead food, raw food is living food. To live, eat living food; paw-paw, pineapple, bananas, etc, out there. There is a man whose wife sells fruits but they buy blood syrup. I told him, she sells blood but buys poison called blood syrup. So, education is key. You plant all the ewedu, ugu, waterleaf, but sell them and not eating them.

Does your organisation need international links?

Nigeria, rich but poor country

We need foreign link; we need those who are determined to support the work of good living, natural health, etc. Nigeria may be rich but Nigerians are poor. There is need for massive education of Nigerians. Getting the message out there is the case.

(Cancer, epilepsy)

Water leaf will help your BP. Ewedu leaf will help you get rid of your cancer. Charcoal will help you get rid of epilepsy. This information ought to stream to the masses steadily.

Have you helped cancer patients?

(Cancer, eating up Nigeria)

It’s one of the fastest growing diseases in Nigeria

Yes! You have no idea how much cancer is in this country. You will see a village woman with breast cancer. Oh, go to our government hospitals and go to their cancer female units. You cannot stay there for five minutes. The stench is something else.

(Beware of biopsy)

One of the tragedies of cancer treatment is that our doctors, well-meaning, but out of their form of training (they were not taught that for most of the time, cancer is there not growing much). So, you go to the hospital and complain of pain and they suspect cancer because of lump. They perform biopsy (using needle to pierce the shell of the lump and take sample for test). It has opened up the window. That cancer is no longer restricted. It opens up escape route for the cancer. It is the mistake doctors make. I call it mistake. The cancer spreads, it has escaped.

So, I advise those I can talk to. If you have lump, do not do any biopsy. You can treat the cancer without necessarily opening up the cancer.

But how do they know its cancer?

But you want the lump removed? So, why must you first find out if it is cancer? So, go ahead and remove it. If you open it, even if you cut the entire breast, it will spring up another place. God has given us the way to treat cancer. If there is a lump there and the patient does not want the lump there, remove it.

From my own experience, the natural method is still the best to take care of cancer. Now, do not get me wrong. There are cases where surgery will be needed to save the life of a patient, but when cancer is just coming up, and you discover it, don’t frighten the patient with the now, now surgery.

Cancer is a slow growing disease. Hardly do you find cancer that has not been growing for previous 15 to 20 years, before it was discovered. If you did absolutely nothing, that guy will still be there for another two or four years. But that guy is frightened, eh, tomorrow is too late.

Many years ago, we got a frantic call that one person has got cancer. Our counsel was, do not do anything. But she was pressurised. Overnight, the breast was removed. Months later, we obtained their records (scan, x-ray, etc), took them to the hospital and found there was no cancer anywhere, but the breast was gone.

Yes, where it is absolutely necessary to save life, surgery is ok, but the best step to eradicate cancer should be natural remedy. Go back and say, how did I get this cancer? Then retrace your steps. Change some of those things that brought the cancer into being, change your lifestyle. There are many persons that have healed themselves of cancer and there are many herbs that will make the cancer to shrink and die.

Oh yes, cancer is curable, cancer is treatable. Anybody in this age that has cancer should not commit suicide or think the end has come. Final!

Does the future of this facility worry you?

Yes, it does. Well, I think that the Lord has given us the number of years He has given us. Nobody has control of life. What happens when my wife and I are no more here, I cannot tell, but I have come to one realisation. God called us to return to Nigeria and set up this place. I have a firm belief that the same God will not allow this place to disappear.

God has used this place to train a lot of persons, from the north, Jos, Lagos, Oyo, Edo, Delta, Calabar, Uyo, Aba, Enugu, etc. They are practising. They were trained free. We do not charge one kobo. You want to train, come. We do not charge you, but we ask you to be able to work because when you come, we have a work-to-study programme. You have to work to take care of yourself.

God insisted we must not charge fees to train people.

Why are we not charging fees? I did consider when we started and students were coming. We tried to be practical in our religion. We went to God to say, we want to charge, and the Lord said, do not charge. I said, how are we going to survive? Our God can be funny sometimes. He asked me to revise a place in the Bible and the verse. I did, and the rest is that we train people and we do not charge and we are not lacking.

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