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TIENS supplements supporting cellular nutrition

An emerging feature of the post-pandemic era is the increasing interest in human nutrition. People are looking out for means of increasing their knowledge on the values that several food items add to the quality of their health. That is in terms of boosting their immunity to different diseases; making them more energetic, enhancing the performance of their different organs, or to look younger and slow down the ageing process.

It is not surprising therefore, to come in contact with marketers of sundry food supplements who are ever ready to enlighten you on the nutritional benefits of what they sell. Furthermore, they would go to great lengths to convince on how to gain more money from them when one joins their crowd-funding techniques or network marketing gimmicks. That brings into focus my recent encounter with one of such marketers in the person of Mister Ossai Napoleon. He sells TIENS Supplements. We got talking and he provided some answers to my questions:

To begin with, what is TIENS all about?

TIENS has it origin from Tiangin China since 1992. The headquarters is in Beijin, China as its manufacturing base. TIENS is into health care products, food supplements, health gadgets, home appliances, beauty and personal care products amongst others. It was registered with under WFDA (World Federation of Direct Selling Association, with the chairman and founder of Tiens as one of the CEOs of that body.

Today TIENS has become a global company represented in over 190 countries and regions, with branches in more than 110 countries. It has now metamorphosed into One Body Multiple Wings Strategy. Other branches of the business have emerged over the years. Besides the One body which health, TIENS is into Real Estate, Tourism, Education, e-commerce and the hospitality industry globally. Today, TIENS is into Fortunes 500, and rated as one of the fastest growing multi-level marketing company in the world, and it products are revolutionary.

Its healthcare products are classified into four series: cleansing, balancing, replenishing and preventing. Many of such products have won international awards and certificates, including FDA certificates, ISO certificates, halal certification, Jewish certification, and in Nigeria it is NAFDA-approved. TIENS products are natural and organic, nutritional healthy food that are safe for human consumption.

In a nutshell TIENS lofty pursuits is to provide humanity with high quality healthcare products to improve their lives, and to provide humanity with career opportunities and rewrite human history, by creating millionaire’s across the globe, through the network marketing platform.

How did you get to know about TIENS?

I got to know TIENS in 2008, but became actively involved in the career business as a partner some two years ago. Through TIENS business opportunity I have broken free from a life of struggling for survival to a life if financial fulfillment toward gaining financial freedom. Today I’m a proud landlord in Lagos, courtesy of the successful marketing of its valuable products.

What are the challenges in marketing TIENS products?

In life there are always many challenges. Well, I think it is just the ability to get out of one’s comfort zone in order to give people awareness of the excellent big business platform created by TIENS to everyone globally. By applying different methods, through social media, and one on one, the challenges become few if any.

What are the training programmes?

TIENS has modules of training yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly. And these training are categorised into what we call: NDO,( New Distributors Orientation).Others include Junior Distribution Training, Senior Distributor Training and Top distributors Training amongst others.

What are the marketing strategies?

Since the company was registered as a direct-selling company, the business of marketing is based on the work of mouth advertising. It is fit for those who want to do the business and achieve great success. They need to engage in the training program according to the training module I have mentioned.It is all based on the threeR-principles of Recruitment, Re-consumption and Retail.

What piece of advice do you have for those who want to join in the marketing of TIENS products?

My advice is that they should believe in themselves first, then in the efficacy of TIENS products and to believe in TIENS Compensation Plan. The plan is such that it pays 55.5% to Distributors and Partners at different levels. This is indeed a highly profitable business by working closely with the team of partners and Line of Sponsorship (LOS).

With a team following a system as instituted by TIENS and benefiting from the compensation plan one will achieve his dream of excellent health and financial freedom.

What do you have to say about the nutritional supplements?

The nutritional supplements are our health insurance.They are made to use the best approach which is to attack the root causes of oxidative stress and all degenerative diseases. They provide adequate nutrition to the cells at optimal level. It is about health, not diseases. This preventive approach is certainly the best way to care for, and protect our health.

For instance we have the TIENS high nutrient calcium 1, for pre- and-post-menopausal women with decreased level of estrogen. The high nutrient calcium 2 called the pumpkin recipe is for diabetic patients. They convert sugar to energy.

There is the TIENS Slimming tea for those who want to get that fantastic shape back but cannot resist delicious foods. It is also for those who find it difficult to defaecate and also for people with weak intestinal functions. The Vitality Softgels are for those who want to age gracefully, while the Cordyceps, made from mushrooms assist those with low immunity, who are susceptible to cold and smokers who cough often and asthma patients. TIENS Galax is for men who want great performance in bed. The Spirulina goes for individuals looking for all-round wellbeing.

Other supplements include Antipemic tea and the beneficial capsules for people prone to hypertension and high blood pressure, for middle-aged and old people. Besides, there are health equipment meant to enhance smooth blood flow, the multi-functional head comb that improves memory, the Sport Expert that eliminates unwanted fats and the aura energy to improve the body’s stamina.

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