Nutritionists advocate daily fruit juice intake

Experts in food and nutrition have called on Nigerians to embrace daily intake of fruit juice as a way of boosting their physical wellbeing.

The experts spoke at the maiden edition of the Chivita World Juice Day with the theme ‘Everyday Wellness – Crystallising the Role of Fruit Juice,’ held in Lagos recently.

“100 percent fruit juice plays a major role in boosting wellness and that its nutritional value is at par with that of fresh fruits and vegetables,” said Oluwatosin Adu, Associate Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry at the Lagos State University.

“Consuming 100percent fruit juice along with foods rich in non-haem iron can help increase absorption of minerals. It helps consumers to achieve recommended potassium intake levels and support the maintenance of normal blood pressure,” Adu said.

He added that pure fruit juice contains bioactive substance such as carotenoids and polyphenols, saying that flavonoid and phenolics found in fruits juice have been shown to modulate oxidative and inflammatory stress as well as microbial growth.

Also speaking at the event, CHI Limited Nigeria Roy Deepanjan, chairman, CHI Limited Nigeria said fruit juice intake is an excellent way to achieve the recommended daily amounts of nutrients the body requires to meet its optimal health.

Deepanjan stated that 100 percent fruit juice is an alternative to fresh fruits and vegetables known to contain essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

“This is why nutrition experts recommend that we drink 1½ – 2 glasses of 100percent fruit juice every day,” he said.

“Research indicates that countries that are low in consumption of natural foods and fruit juices also rank low in life expectancy. This is because fruit juice is a key component of the healthy living equation,” he further said.

“Being the leader in the fruit juice category in Nigeria, Chivita has boldly taken up this public interest initiative to drive awareness for everyday wellbeing through fruit juice consumption,” he added.

Deepanjan said that Chivita is not only committed to producing quality and healthy beverages, but also responsible in educating consumers about making the right beverage choices to ensure their overall health and wellbeing, which according to him, enables the organisation deepen the conversation of fruit juice consumption.


 Josephine Okojie


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