Meristem seeks greater value for Nigerians through healthy living


Meristem, a leading investment firm and capital market conglomerate is seeking healthy living for its numerous clients and the Nigerian public as a critical factor in achieving increased productivity and value creation.

The company believes that its slogan ‘Lets grow wealth for you’ is only realizable when  the person involved is healthy to be able to create value, stating that this is why it is taking it as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility to ensure that Nigerian’s begin to imbibe healthy living culture.

Meristem made this disclosure during the maiden edition of Green Fest, an initiative of the company held at the Muri Okunnola Park, Victoria Island, Lagos. The healthy living festival aims at encouraging the practice of organic nutrition, fitness activities, and overall health consciousness in order to foster personal growth and increased productivity.

Held under the theme, ‘Unjunk, Green Fest’ witnessed the convergence of businesses in the healthy-living space and participants who received enlightenment on consumables, natural skin and hair care, physical and mental fitness coaching and more.

Sulaiman Adedokun, deputy managing director, Meristem told journalist during the event that the company was doing this to create value for its clients and the society.

“This is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to our clients and the general public.  We believe that for you to add value, the source or spring from where you create value must be watered. When you are healthy you can do a whole lot of things because your mind and the entire body system are coordinated.

Adedokun noted that  what Meristem was doing today is a Green FEST, that is,  live green, eat well, so that entire body system can be activated to enable you add value and contribute meaningfully to yourself, to the society and to the environment,

“We want to see people active, we want to see people happy, and we want to see people healthy  so that cost of managing health issues can be significantly minimized, such that such resources can be channelled to investment or  something meaningful that give happiness than, spending that in the hospital.

Solape Akinpelu, head, Brand & Marketing Communications at Meristem also in an interview said the event is all about raising a healthy nation, one person at a time.

“You find out that living a healthy life can reduce frequency of your doctor’s visit; it curbs diseases if you are conscious of how you live. Basically it should be everybody’s business to eat healthy, to live active, to maintain a healthy mental balance.

“So in line with our slogan ‘Let’s grow wealth for you’ we realized that you can’t grow wealth for someone that is not healthy because if you are not healthy the last thing you will think about is growing wealth. So, it’s all about maintaining a healthy life style, which is in three phases – nutrition, physical activities, and mental balance.

“Some people consider living healthy expensive, but that is not the case it’s just about developing the consciousness of what do and the best time to do it. You just need to be conscious of it, if you don’t know better you can’t do better, Akinpelu said.


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