MeCure leverages on technology to drive partnerships with HMOs, corporate institutions

Forward-looking private healthcare institutions in Nigeria are leveraging on technology to best serve their clients.  A significantly underpenetrated market, healthcare presents a massive opportunity for disruption by start-ups that can use the right mix of technology and innovation to drive smarter operations.

MeCure SmartBuy seems to have hit a sweet spot in this regard, clocking nearly 50,000 user registrations and thousands of orders within 6 months of launch. The start-up offers a Smartphone app that provides free doctor Tele-consultations along with home delivery of medicines and diagnostic services in Lagos.

“With MeCure SmartBuy we leverage this existing relationship and provide additional value to all of our clients by taking care of medication needs for their employees or end consumers,” said Adekunle Megbuwawon, chief medical officer MeCure.

Megbuwawon said that consider this, as a responsible organisation you would want your employees and customers to have access to genuine medication at an affordable price, right? Nigeria is already infamous for counterfeit drugs and furthermore the pricing and availability is highly volatile.

“With SmartBuy, all of these concerns are addressed since we offer 100% genuine drugs at a flat discount with doorstep delivery! It is technically a no-brainer for our clients and hence we are witnessing rapid growth,” he said.

To continue its growth momentum, SmartBuy is now targeting the B2B segment through tie-ups with Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs), hospitals and corporate institutions by offering them attractive discounts on medicines for their customers and employees. So far, it claims to have already started pilot operations with more than 10 organisations and is in various stages of discussions with several more.

“MeCure is already a leading diagnostic brand in Lagos for the last 10 years and we already have amazing partnerships with most of the HMOs and big corporate institutions for diagnostic services for years now.

Meanwhile Adil Shaikh, chief technology officer at MeCure SmartBuy said that the pace of growth also comes with its own set of challenges from a tech and operations perspective.

“Constant feedback from our customers is also helping us improve and expand our offerings. Tech is only an enabler, executing to delight the customer is key,” he said.



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