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Leveraging technology can bridge barriers to care – Medvisit manager

Gbenga Olaniyi

As demand for world-class healthcare solutions rises in Nigeria, Medvisit, a medical tourism company, has introduced international second opinion services to meet this growing need.

This innovative service allows individuals to access a vast network of board-certified specialists worldwide, facilitating prompt and accurate evaluations of their medical conditions and treatment plans.

With experts stationed in renowned hospitals across the USA, UK, Europe, India, and other healthcare hubs, Medvisit ensures unparalleled medical expertise is within reach.

In this interview, Gbenga Olaniyi, the operations manager of Medvisit, sheds light on the company’s decision to launch this service, driven by a dedicated commitment to address critical healthcare challenges in Nigeria. BusinessDay’s Temitayo Ayetoto-Oladehinde brings the excerpt.

Can you provide an overview of Medvisit’s mission in the health industry?

MedVisit is a premier medical tourism company in Nigeria that aims to provide access to superior healthcare solutions for individuals across the nation.

We offer a range of services, including medical travel coordination, concierge medicine, and our recently launched international second opinion service. Our mission is to ensure that Nigerians can access high-quality medical care, both locally and internationally, through our comprehensive services

What inspired the creation of Medvisit, and what gap does it aim to fill?

The inspiration behind MedVisit stemmed from the recognition that many Nigerians face challenges in accessing specialised medical care within the country.

We aim to bridge this gap by providing a platform that connects individuals with world-class healthcare providers and medical experts from around the globe.

MedVisit strives to address the unmet healthcare needs of Nigerians by offering them access to advanced medical treatments and second opinions from renowned specialists

How does Medvisit ensure the quality and expertise of its global network of board-certified specialists?

We have a rigorous vetting process. We carefully evaluate the credentials, experience, and track record of each specialist, ensuring that they come from reputable institutions and have a proven history of delivering exceptional medical care.

Additionally, we maintain ongoing communication and feedback channels with our network to continuously assess and maintain high standards of quality.

Could you walk us through the process a patient typically undergoes when seeking a second opinion?

Clients seeking a second opinion through Medvisit undergo a streamlined process facilitated by a dedicated Care Team. First, the client submits their medical records, test results, and relevant information.

Our team then carefully reviews the case and matches the client with the most suitable specialist or group of specialists based on their specific medical conditions and needs.

The client’s information is securely shared with the selected specialist, who thoroughly reviews the case and provides their expert opinion, including recommendations for diagnosis, treatment options, or further investigative steps.

What criteria does Medvisit use to match clients with appropriate specialists for their medical conditions?

We match clients with specialists, by considering a few factors such as the nature of their medical condition, the specialist’s area of expertise, and availability.

We also take into account the client’s preferences, such as gender or cultural considerations. Our goal is to ensure a seamless and personalized experience tailored to each client’s unique needs

What measures does Medvisit take to ensure timely evaluations of medical conditions and treatment plans?

MedVisit understands the importance of timely evaluations and decision-making in medical situations. We have established efficient processes and dedicated case managers who closely monitor and follow up with our network of specialists to ensure that second opinions and treatment plans are provided within a reasonable timeframe. We also prioritize urgent cases and have mechanisms in place to facilitate expedited evaluations when necessary.

How do you handle sensitive medical information and ensure patient confidentiality?

We take the utmost care in handling sensitive medical information and ensuring patient confidentiality. We have strict protocols and data security measures in place to protect client information, including encrypted communication channels, secure data storage, and access controls. Our team members are trained to maintain strict confidentiality

How does Medvisit navigate regulatory challenges or differences in healthcare systems across countries?

Medvisit partners with local healthcare providers in destination countries to ensure compliance with regulations and facilitate seamless medical travel experiences

What feedback mechanisms do you have in place to continuously improve its services?

We place a strong emphasis on continuous improvement through feedback mechanisms. We actively solicit feedback from our clients through surveys, interviews, and open communication channels

Could you elaborate on the technology platforms or tools utilised to facilitate communication and collaboration between clients and specialists?

Medvisit utilizes secure video conferencing platforms for consultations, online portals for document sharing, and translation tools to bridge language gaps

How does Medvisit address accessibility and affordability, particularly for individuals in underserved communities?

The reality is that good healthcare is expensive. Nonetheless, accessibility and affordability are crucial considerations for MedVisit. We understand that high-quality medical care should be available to all, regardless of socioeconomic status or location. That is why we have different partnerships with hospitals and specialists in different parts of the world. For instance, treatment in the UAE is cheaper than in the USA same way India is cheaper than the UAE.

What misconceptions do people have about seeking second opinions in the medical field, and how does Medvisit work to dispel them?

Some people worry that seeking a second opinion might offend their current healthcare provider or suggest that they don’t trust them. However, in reality, second opinions are a standard practice in other parts of the world and are often encouraged by healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible care. MedVisit works to dispel this notion by emphasizing the importance of empowering individuals to take an active role in their healthcare decisions, and how second opinions can provide valuable insights and potentially lead to better outcomes

What challenges do you encounter and how do you overcome them?

One significant obstacle has been building trust with specialists abroad. Nigeria is not the easiest brand to market in the world. We addressed this by demonstrating professionalism and clear communication.

What are the long-term goals and vision for Medvisit, both in Nigeria and globally?

MedVisit’s long-term vision is to become a global leader in medical tourism and second opinion services. While our roots are firmly established in Nigeria, we aim to expand our reach and partnerships internationally, providing access to top-tier healthcare solutions to individuals worldwide. We strive to be at the forefront of telemedicine and healthcare innovation, leveraging technology to bridge geographical barriers and deliver exceptional medical care to those in need

What advice would you give to individuals seeking a second opinion through Medvisit or similar services?

My advice to individuals seeking a second opinion through Medvisit or similar services is to approach the process with an open mind and a willingness to actively participate in their healthcare journey. Seeking a second opinion is not a reflection of doubt in their initial healthcare provider but rather a proactive step towards making well-informed decisions. Individuals should feel empowered to ask questions, express concerns, and thoroughly understand the recommendations provided by the specialists.

What measures does Medvisit take to ensure cultural sensitivity and understanding when serving clients from diverse backgrounds?

We work closely with our clients to understand their cultural beliefs, practices, and preferences, and ensure that these are taken into consideration when coordinating care with our network of specialists. Additionally, we provide cultural awareness training to our team to ensure respectful and inclusive interactions with clients from different backgrounds.

Can you provide insight into the training and qualifications of the Medvisit team responsible for coordinating second opinions and liaising with specialists?

The Medvisit team responsible for coordinating second opinions and liaising with specialists comprises highly qualified and experienced individuals. Our case managers and other support staff have extensive training in healthcare administration, medical records management, and patient communication.

How does Medvisit address language barriers between clients and specialists from different countries?

We ensure that all medical records and communication are accurately translated, minimising the risk of miscommunication or misunderstanding. Additionally, we prioritise matching clients with specialists who are proficient in their preferred language whenever possible

What role does patient education play in your approach to empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare?

By providing access to reliable information and facilitating discussions with qualified healthcare professionals, Medvisit empowers patients to actively participate in their care decisions, leading to better health outcomes and greater confidence in managing their health.

How does Medvisit support clients throughout their healthcare journey beyond providing second opinions?

MedVisit’s commitment to our clients extends beyond just providing second opinions. We strive to support them throughout their entire healthcare journey.

This includes coordinating follow-up care, facilitating communication with local healthcare providers, and offering ongoing support and guidance as needed.