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‘Leveraging Konikore technology to bridge doctor-patient ratio’

With Nigeria’s physician-to-patient ratio currently placed at four doctors per 10,000 patients, far below the global average of 15 doctors per 10,000 patients, organisers of the ongoing Africa Rising Series has stated that the introduction of ‘Konikore’ technology into Nigeria will help bridge the current doctor-patient ratio. This it believes will disrupt the country’s healthcare and diagnostics space for better healthcare delivery.

Konikore technology is a device that detects Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) present in the air by a Silicon Valley-based start-up, called Koniku. The device is a chip that can smell, detects chemicals at very minute concentrations that has found applications across multiple industries like healthcare and diagnostics, aviation and airport security, agriculture, military and FMCGs manufacturing with the potential to revolutionise many more.

Oshiorenoya (Osh) Agabi, neuroscientist and CEO Koniku, said by breathing on the Konikore, the device will be able to detect diseases in human body, thereby revolutionising healthcare to bridge doctor-patients ratio and help low-income communities that lack access to doctors.

“Over 20per cent of people around the world have never seen a doctor, because of the poor doctor to patient ratio. Just in the same way mobile phones disrupted the telecoms space, we are hoping to do the same in healthcare by democratizing access to doctors,” said Agabi stating that the device is to bridge the current market gap.

According to him, Konikore will work as a first-stage screening device which will give a high degree of certainty in diagnosis. “We will work hand-in-hand with the healthcare professionals and existing systems, to make them more efficient at carrying out their tasks. The goal is not to replace the current diagnostics systems, but to complement them,” said Agabi.

During the week-long event which started on Monday, Agabi met with potential investors, financial experts, members of the academic community, government, and other stakeholders. He equally delivered presentations to the Lagos Medical Society as well as the School of Neurosciences at the College of Medicine, Idi-Araba.

While at the Africa Rising Series cocktail, Agabi spoke with fellow innovators and entrepreneurs, sharing his knowledge on moving from being a local player to a global achiever. Similarly, Agabi held a masterclass section for MedTech entrepreneurs and other medical practitioners.

Akintoye Akindele, chairman, Platform Capital said Agabi embodies the spirit of Platform Capital’s Africa Rising Series, as a home grown genius that is now a global player in technology and innovation. According to him, the series aims to bridge the gap between developed nations and emerging markets within Africa, unveiling the possibilities for global trade and cross-cultural exchanges of ideas and opportunities.

“For us at Platform Capital, Osh Agabi demonstrates Africa’s potential. It is our pride as a nation to have someone who has 21 patents to his name is celebrated internationally and has created technology that can solve problems in Food, Security, and Healthcare. It is important to bring this technology home, so we can begin to solve the Continent’s problems,” said Akindele.




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