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Kainico set to launch non-invasive glucose monitor for diabetes patients

glucose monitor

Kainico limited is set to launch the non-invasive glucose monitor for diabetes patients in Nigeria.

kai Larsen, director of Kainico Limited who made this known to journalists recently said that diabetes is a growing concern for Nigeria and monitoring is important to remain on a lifestyle that minimizes health complications.

As a result, the firm is set to launch the non-invasive glucose monitor developed by Evia Medical Technologies in the United Kingdom to offer pain-free monitoring of glucose levels in diabetic patients.

Larsen explained that egm1000 non-invasive glucose monitor combines ultrasonic, electromagnetic and thermal technologies by using a patented algorithm, adding that it is not a gadget, but a medical devise.

He stated that the egm1000 is difficult to compare with solutions that draw blood, adding that many type2 diabetics at the beginning measures themselves as many times daily as the doctor prescribe, but after a while measures themselves not even once per day.

“Drawing blood is uncomfortable, so it leads to people not measuring themselves. Not measuring is the way back to an unhealthy lifestyle and to high blood sugar, and later to severe health problems,” Larsen said.

“Older people with diabetes have a higher risk of stroke and to avoid severe health implications it is important to control glucose and also understand what eat and exercise needed.”

He added that when monitoring oneself frequently using the egm1000, it calculates and presents an estimated HbA1c level, the average level of blood sugar over the past 2-3 months.

Larsen said the product will be formally launched next year and has gotten the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) registration number and should be available in selected pharmacies and hospitals by the middle of next year. Until then he explains that orders can be placed directly to the distributor Kainico Ltd, in Lagos and Abuja.

“After many months of providing documentation and explanations, laboratory, testing, NAFDAC finally approved the world only device that accurately reads glucose without drawing your blood,”

He noted that the product was developed by Evia Medical Technologies owing to the challenged experienced by David Freger who had diabetes and like many others suffered from this life-long debilitating disease.

The device measures tissue and skin glucose and not blood glucose. It is an indirect measurement and the glucose in the blood can be detected from the tissue and skin after some minutes, he says.



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