• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Euracare targets preventive care with wellness centre


Euracare is vying for a lead role in an industry where healthcare providers are jostling to win the heart of Nigerians who thirst for local solutions to preventive care.

The Lagos-based private healthcare company has expanded its operations to include serving prime wellness services to patients as its full-fledged wellness centre debuts in September. The facility will have an array of consultants focusing on areas such as infusion, emergency medical services, and full laboratory services among others.

With most healthcare setups faced with a vast demand for curative services due to rising cases of non-infectious diseases, few have taken a step forward to address the demands of preventive services.

Positions are shifting towards keeping a healthy lifestyle through wellness procedures such as regular assessment, raising a crop of healthcare providers who want to cut capital flight on medical tourism abroad.

Medical tourism costs Nigeria about $1.2 billion and three-quarters of that expenditure goes to wellness checks.

At its core, wellness care moves from treating patients to educating, supporting, and encouraging them to improve their overall health.

In a holistic move towards regionally integrated care in the United Kingdom, for instance, some clinical groups use predictive modeling to identify patients at elevated risk for hospitalisation and provide them with preventative care, such as “virtual wards” providing multidisciplinary, intensive outpatient services.

Research shows that consumers now care deeply about wellness and their interest is growing.

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A recent study by McKinsey & Company estimates that the global wellness market is worth more than $1.5 trillion, with annual growth of 5 to 10 percent.

Better health, probably the most traditional category associated with wellness extends beyond medicine and supplements to include consumer medical devices as well as personal-health trackers.

“Wellness is rising as a priority and Euracare Wellness Centre is here to meet that need,” Busola Ayelowo, head of Euracare Wellness Centre, said. “We will always provide the highest standard of professional care while addressing the individual and specific needs of each patient. At our wellness facility, we incorporate innovative technology and convenience to not just treat symptoms, but also to keep people healthier.”

Euracare Wellness Centre promises to offer seven areas of medical intervention that will be available to patients after the launch next month. With these offerings, wellness opportunities would be available to residents of Lagos, the second-most stressful city in the world according to Vaay, a German-based tracker of wellbeing.