• Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Embrace medical consultation, discard guess treatment to achieve health wellness – Adebayo


With the increasing rate of life-threatening diseases and chronic illness, Nigerians must put an end to guess treatment and embrace medical consultation as an effective tool to achieving complete wellness, Seyi Adebayo, a certified integrative and functional medical specialist, has said.

Speaking recently at a programme to celebrate World Health Day 2024, Adebayo said Nigerians must as a matter of urgency embrace personalised and comprehensive health consultation in achieving all-around health success.

According to her, people lose their lives to threatening situations that unknown to them, can be treated medically.

She said the first step to complete wellness is taking proactive steps towards health consultation which plays an important role in guiding individuals towards their wellness goals.

As a specialist who focuses on providing healthcare in reproductive health, sexual wellness, gut health, beauty/anti-aging and weight management, Adebayo said health goals should be prioritised just as other goals are prioritised on vision boards.

“Medical consultation package involves the examination of the patient, intensive discussion of patient medical records, assessing and addressing the root cause, sleep pattern, stress and weight issues, providing medical advice, medication supplies and individualized treatment.

“It is a health assessment and treatment journey that keeps you informed on the nature of your illness, treatment process and medical support you will need until you see the result,” she said.

Adebayo said that over the last five years, she discovered that most patients assume illnesses for themselves and use the internet as a rescue, which at the end, leads to depression.

She said that more frequently than one, the illness patients think they had through their Google search might not be what is disturbing their peace of mind or might be more than what they have assumed it is.

Building on her findings, Adebayo said for medical doctors, health consultation is an eye-opener because it tells how to administer treatments, solution pathways and helps patients to enhance their health knowledge.

“As health awareness and education are parts of our tools to transform the health sector in Nigeria and Africa, we have over 10,000 participants who have gained in our online health education,” She said.

The medical specialist said the results of a recent poll carried out by Seyi Absolute Wellness, a Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) provider in Nigeria, shows that there is a need for more awareness and the development of innovative strategies in delivering healthcare services in the country.

“Health consultation is a vital process of our work, the time spent speaking with patients and working with them throughout their treatments helps us to improve our health deliverables; gives clarity and saves time and improves patient safety, experiences and it helps healing smooth,” Adebayo said.

She said wellness is achievable by staying in good health condition mentally, physically and revitalising the whole being through activities each day.

She urged Nigerians to step up their health game and consciously invest in their health goals by subscribing to health programmes that will improve the quality of their lives.