DrugStoc holds manufacturers’ Open Day, expands healthtech solutions

…hosts Manufacturers Open Day at the new facility


DrugStoc, Africa’s leading e-healthcare pharmaceutical distribution company says is expanding its healthtech solutions across Nigeria and Africa inclusive.
This was made known recently during an organised Manufacturers’ Open Day to take manufacturers on a tour of its ultra-modern facility. Pharmaceutical manufacturers like GSK, Sanofi, Medreich, Drugfield, SKG, Fidson, amongst others were present at the event.
DrugStoc, the pioneer of digital inclusion in pharmaceutical distribution is on a mission to empower healthcare providers by enhancing access to safe and quality pharmaceuticals through a consolidated supply chain system, DrugStoc’s goal for the pharmaceutical supply chain is to improve access to pharmaceuticals with its state-of-the-art technology and unique supply chain model.
By purchasing pharmaceuticals directly from the manufacturers and leveraging bulk purchase opportunities, DrugStoc has streamlined logistic processes and efficiently ensures that hospitals and pharmacies have the necessary pharmaceuticals to serve the health needs of the population.
Chibuzo Opara, co-founder and CEO DrugStoc, while recounting the company’s journey and reiterating the commitment to strengthen the healthcare industry said, “because technology is an enabler, and is at the forefront of what we do in terms of efficiency and access, we have achieved many supply chain successes over the years. Hospitals and pharmacies are assured of sustainable progress regarding drug distribution across Nigeria”.
Opara, who spoke on the theme of the event ‘Digital inclusion in the pharmaceutical industry’ stated, “One of the things digital inclusion has achieved over the years, that we’ve witnessed is moving quality standards to a whole new level, improving track and trace in the pharmaceutical supply chain and advancing the business for many pharmacies.”
He added that “There is a difference between a tech company trying to solve something in healthcare and actual health professionals in tech trying to solve a problem. This is because we think about the system differently.”
According to Opara, we mark this open day by celebrating partner pharmaceutical manufacturers. “It’s been an interesting journey for the team and immensely rewarding and, a significant learning experience. Of course, there have been ups and downs, but we have received quite a lot of support from the industry regarding the clients, stakeholders, and regulators.
“DrugStoc’s supply chain model is rare in healthcare, but what sets us apart is the efficiency of our logistics system which makes our day-to-day operations hugely successful. We fulfill 90 percent of our clients’ procurement needs. We give them tools to help manage their businesses more efficiently, assisting them with inventory and financial support, and creating flexible payment options, boosters, and profitable relations.”
“It has been so successful that we have expanded operations with our new facility which has an area of 3,000 square meters of space to work with. We are especially proud of our quality standards with our advanced temperature control, humidity control, access control, and other ISO requirements,” he added.
DrugStoc is continuing to innovate and is partnering with major pharmaceutical companies such as GSK, Sanofi Nigeria, Medreich Nigeria, Drugfield, and Fidson, among others.
To continue the steady advancement of drug distribution across Nigeria, DrugStoc is actively developing a cold-chain vaccine facility. Currently, the company has over 3,000 facilities receiving their services across the country.
Also speaking at the event, Adham Yehia, Co-founder and President, DrugStoc, said that the company has seen firsthand the rewards of digital inclusion from the commercial business, quality, and ease angle.
“We are expanding aggressively and ensuring that our promise of quick delivery is established in several other central hubs in Nigeria while targeting nationwide delivery as well,” says Yehia “Our facility processes several hundreds of orders a day. We fulfill fast track orders all over the urban areas in the southwest”, he confirmed.
Innovations are key to improving healthcare access while streamlining solutions. Yehia added that having a building is one thing but having a team that’s uncompromising in quality and ethics is something to be proud of.
“We follow hundred percent compliance, not just from a government point of view, but with our internal standards and ethics.”
Delivering her goodwill message to DrugStoc, Pharm (Dr) Ukamaka Okafor, representing the Registrar, Pharmacy Council of Nigeria, Pharm. Ahmed Babashehu said, “We are excited about the expansion and impact DrugStoc has brought into the country’s pharmaceutical industry through their innovation.
“DrugStoc has a lot of value to add to the industry and to the public, many that people don’t know. They need to create more awareness and publicize what they are doing,” she advised.
In this same vein, Pharm. (Alh.) Ahmed I Yakasai, former PSN President, and managing director, PharmaPlus Nig LTD said DrugStoc Co-Founders are examples of great leaders.
“I am proud of these gentlemen; how they have handled their partnership from inception till now. The partnership is a tough thing in Nigeria, but they are getting it right. Good governance is key and DrugStoc is people of quality, that is why they offer quality service.”
Varkey Verghese, Managing Director of Jawa Group, delivered his goodwill message to Drugstoc. Other goodwill messages came from the representatives of major pharmaceutical companies such as GSK, Sanofi Nigeria, Medreich Nigeria, Drugfield, and Fidson, among others.