• Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Dexa Medica launches stimuno immune booster

Dexa Medica launches stimuno immune booster

Dexa Medica, manufacturers of pharmaceutical products has launched stimuno immune booster drugs to the Nigerian market.

The organisation unveiled the products during its recent pain-free initiative day held in Ayobo, Lagos.

The Stimuno brand is a unique immune booster that helps the body fight against all sorts of infections and diseases. It is a recommended brand for everyone both healthy and unhealthy for the total maintenance of the body system.

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 “We remain firm in our commitment to improving consumer’s health because health is an important part of one’s life and should be taken seriously. Dexa Medica will continue to improve consumers ‘lives with superior and quality product,” said Tunde Ojedokun, brand executive, Dexa Medica (Boska) in a release made available to BusinessDay.

 The body immune system can be affected by several factors such as inadequate sleep, extreme weather change, pollutions, toxins, unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, insufficient water intake and as such needs to be kept strong.

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 Following the trend of lifestyle in Nigeria today, Dexa Medica decided to leverage the pain-free day event to connect with consumers as there is no better time than now to introduce consumers to the stimuno brand that can keep them safe from infections and diseases, thereby helping them save up funds that would have been used for hospital treatment in times of illness.

Boska team provided the opportunity for consumers to see health experts who provided a full range of health services for free. This included prescribing drugs to treat eye, ear and nose defects.

Anthonia Obokoh