• Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Beating cancer is possible through these 10 health tips

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As experts have projected cancer-related deaths to rise to 13 million by 2030, the awareness against this disease has become more intensified than ever before.

Cancer is a disease which occurs when changes in a group of normal cells within the body lead to uncontrolled, abnormal growth, forming a lump called a tumour; this is true of all cancers except leukaemia (cancer of the blood).

If left untreated, tumours can grow and spread into the surrounding normal tissue or other body parts via the bloodstream and lymphatic systems.

It can further affect the digestive, nervous and circulatory systems or release hormones that may affect body function.

Meanwhile, 70 per cent of cancer deaths occur in low-to-middle-income countries.

According to worldcancerday.org, cancer is the second-leading cause of death worldwide, and 10 million people die from the disease every year.

Here are ways to prevent cancer and live a long, healthy life:

Avoid tobacco in all its forms, including exposure to secondhand smoke.

Eat properly. This can be done by reducing the consumption of saturated fats and red meats and increasing the intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Regular exercise and other physical activities have been linked to the reduction of the risk of colon cancer.

Maintain a healthy weight. Obesity potentially puts you at risk for many forms of cancer.

Excess consumption of alcohol increases the risk of mouth, liver and colon cancer. So if you choose to drink, be responsible.

Avoid unnecessary radiation exposure and protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation in sunlight which increases the risk of skin cancer.

Keep off from environmental and industrial toxins such as fibres, asbestos, and aromatic amines.

Avoid infections that could enhance cancer such as hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and the human papillomavirus.

Quality sleep is key. Poor or insufficient rest is associated with weight gain which increases the risk of cancer.

Get enough vitamin D. Research shows that deficiency in this vitamin may result in prostate cancer or colon cancer.

While early diagnosis can help one beat cancer, keeping to these health tips give individuals knowledge on ways of preventing it.