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AXA Mansard Health continues to evolve in initiatives during the Pandemic

AXA Mansard Health Limited, a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) arm of the AXA Mansard Group of companies has continued to prove its leading dynamics by introducing initiatives to better serve and engage its customers. As an ever evolving HMO, they came up with the initiatives that cut across drug pickups, health talk and webinar series for the corporate customers.

With over 75 pharmacies partnership across Nigeria, AXA Mansard Health limited initiative to make medication easily accessible to the enrolees and limit unnecessary exposure to the corona virus became the new normal has we all stay safe and keep social distance. Enrolees with chronic illnesses can pick up their medications monthly from the pharmacy instead of going to the hospitals for refills. After talking to a doctor on our telemedicine app, they can also pick up medications prescribed; the enrolee can walk into any of our partners with a prescription and enrolee card to be attended to.

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AXA Mansard Health limited went virtual on their series and health talk with topic springing from mental wellness, Covid-19, Sedentary lifestyle, Hypertension, and Hepatitis being slated for later this week. With 99% engagement with our customers, these topics were uniquely selected based on: data from the claims pool per organization where we suggest what topics will be most pertinent to their staff, their choice based on their own internal processes where we offer them a list of topics from the pool and then they pick based on their own decision making process. Dr Edeigbini Omokhudu (Head of Preventive Health and Wellness) in his statement shared that all feedbacks have been great and that the customers loved our delivery and structure. This has however helped us to engage and know our customers better.

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