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…and Osarugue bids farewell to lupus

…and Osarugue bid farewell to lupus

Seven years ago, Osarugue was diagnosed with Lupus. An inflammatory disease that attacks the immune system and tissues.

Lupus also called systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) can affect the joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart and lungs.

What made the news devastating for her and her family was that they were informed that it had no cure. The first two years living with lupus was draining. She was very sick. It affected her skin, legs and hand for a very long period of time. She was always having recurring flare ups, always going in and out of the hospital. The lupus affected her lungs such that it was difficult for her to breathe. She was placed on different inhalers at the same time just to help her breathe.

The lung disease also affected the left atrium of her heart which led to low blood pressure (hypotension). From that time on, she was placed on so many medications. She was looking so thin, and had to take a lot of immune boosters to build her immune system, and she weighed less than 45g. It got to a point where the doctors got tired, and then the news nobody wanted to hear about floated in. The doctors said she had only three months to live.

Her in-laws were super supportive, her husband stood by her. There were days where he had to carry her on his back into the hospital when she was too weak to stand. Her family members never relented; they kept praying and believing in God on her behalf. They inspired her to hope again and remain optimistic.

But at a point, she gave up hope, and cried every day asking God why it had to be her. She became suicidal. She had gathered an overdose of her prescribed drugs into her palm so she could take them and die afterwards, but her live-in domestic help was quick to notice it and saved the day.

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A lot of people had an opinion about what she should do. Some advised her to visit native doctors, some suggested she visit prophets, and there were those who told her to her face that she was responsible for what had befallen her.

She didn’t pay attention to any of the suggestions and was faithful with her medications. She was also praying hard as far as her strength could carry her and also received spiritual support from her pastors.

After Osarugue was told that she had three months to live, her faith grew stronger. She never believed she was going to die. The medications she was placed on that seemed like were not working began to work. She started recovering to the surprise of the doctors.

On a fateful night she woke up praying, telling God if He could forgive the armed robbers at his side at crucifixion, how great was her sin that He couldn’t forgive her and heal her? She heard God speak to the fabric of her being that He had healed her but she wasn’t receiving it. With the help of her pastors, she began renewing her mind with the word and her healing started.

It’s been seven years since Osarugue’s doctor told her she had three months to live. But Osarugue says she is “standing because God made a way”. She has tagged the battle for her health and life “The Waiting Room”.

She was told her liver, kidney, lungs and heart were failing but when God stepped in, things turned around! Her liver, kidney, lungs and heart are in perfect condition today!

Osarugue wants other people to know that no matter what you go through in life, you can come out of it, if you believe!