• Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Find New Go-To Employees


Many managers have a small circle of “usual suspects” that they trust to handle key projects or initiatives. But relying on these key people too often – and constantly piling special assignments onto their regular duties – can wear them out and make their performance suffer. Take a step back and think about how to expand your talent pool to get the results you want and ensure that no one is being stretched too thin. Map out your committees, task forces and other special assignment groups to see if you have a “usual suspect” bottleneck. If the same names keep coming up again and again, it’s time to prioritize assignments, consolidate teams and, most importantly, add other people to your list. Think of other employees who might welcome new assignments. Are there some high potentials who aren’t being fully challenged? Can you find other people to trust outside of your circle?

(Adapted from “Good Managers Look Beyond Their ‘Usual Suspects’” by Ron Ashkenas.)