• Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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2024: Back to Organic Foods

2024: Back to Organic Foods

One of the best resolutions one can make, with regards to food choices in 2024 is that of the production and consumption of organic food items, such that your food becomes your medicine, as the Greek physician, Hippocrates (400 BC) rightly admonished mankind. But then we have to understand what organic food items are, their nutritional benefits to our bodies and the confessions of Dr. Olukemi Oyegbile whose ill health was saved by keying into organic foods. So, what is it really all about?

Organic food, also called ecological or biological food and drinks are produced using natural substances, without the use of synthetic chemicals, or genetically modified components. There is no use of man-made fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and livestock feed additives. There is avoidance of all artificial chemicals, hormones and antibiotics. There is mild exposure to heavy metals.

They are fresher, tastier, healthier, with outstanding flavour. They are more nutrient-dense and free of GMOs. And because they are nature-based and chemical-free they are more sustainable and preserve the environment. They promote heart health because they are truly rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, brimming full of vital vitamins and magical minerals. That explains why they are good for digestion and reduce the risk of cancer. They also reduce the risks of allergic diseases as well as reducing the risk of obesity.

All considered, it is interesting to note that the farming methods of our forebears in most parts of Nigeria, nay Africa are organic. They lived close to nature and studied and complied with its laws. They fed on largely natural food items. Are we, therefore, surprised that they lived much longer than we do these days? We should not put the key back into both the production and consumption of organic food items, similarly to what the Indians are currently practising.

To understand the impact that organic food has on one’s health, let us learn from the true-life testimonies of Dr Olukemi Oyegbile, formerly a staff member of the United Nations Development Program UNDP, as she made at the Xtralarge Farms program to promote organic food, a few years back.
In her words: “This is the Lord’s doings and marvellous in our eyes. My Organic Food, My Medicine (Gen. 1 v. 29; PSM. 104 v. 14; Ezk. 47 v. 12, In Line With Gen 6:3. I was divinely led to see the gain from my pains of 40 years of allergic reaction to heat and dust in Nigeria on a Rescue Mission.

” I was born a premature baby in the ’50s but was fortunate that my mother who was born in 1920 had a Standard Six School Certificate. That was my saving grace that girl-child education made the then nurses who taught my mother did not understand English had to ensure that I was put in an incubator that was acquired 5 Days before I was born in the Mission Hospital.

“So I did not have the opportunity to be breastfed with colostrum milk which should have conferred me with immuno globin to enable me to be desensitised from allergies. I started with childhood asthma. This stopped by itself at the age of 15 years. Thereafter, the allergic skin challenge started.

“This was on for 40 years during which as a medical student back then in University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan in the 70s all was done to find a lasting solution. I was placed on steroids-based ointment that I could only use for a short period in order to avoid more serious side effects.

” After my graduation as a medical doctor, I had opportunities to seek solutions in South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The same solution of steroid-based ointments as was in UCH, Ibadan with the same advice that it should be for a short while.

“In October 2009 the Holy Spirit convinced me with Psalm 104: verse 14 to use organic supplements and organic food. Listed are the improvements made:
1. The challenge improved by 65% with the first organic supplement which was from the USA so availability stopped
in the first quarter of 2017.

2. It improved to 75% with the use of another organic supplement that was from the USA but is no longer available because of Government policy.*

3. Perfectly cleared and 100% desensitised with Xtralarge Farms Organic Food stuff and herbs within 15 months.

4. I am totally free from allergic skin reactions, particularly my right leg which was the last being closest to sand.

_”Thus, it took 14 years to be perfectly cleared and desensitised to organic supplements and foods.

There is a need to apply the triple Cs of Commitment, Consistency and Confidence.*_

“The Take Home Messages are :
1. Girl-child education is very important in reducing childhood mortalities.

2. Grandparents and parents who are caregivers to newborn babies to ensure that they are fed with *COLOSTRUM MILK* which is available only within 24 hours after birth.

3. Use of drugs to treat symptoms which is like cutting a branch of an Iroko tree compared to Organic Supplements and Foods that take longer time to be very effective which is like uprooting the Iroko tree health challenge, therefore, the application of 3Cs is very important.

This is why I am so passionate about authentic organic food and herbs from a reliable local source like Xtralarge Farms with 100% INTEGRITY. I do not need to look for dollars for these organic foods and herbs.

“In conclusion, if you have any chronic ailment and you are looking for rescue like I was in 2009, you are cordially invited to join us in Xtralarge Farms. Contact Dr OLUKEMI OYEGBILE on 08023144160.”

Having heard from the horse’s mouth, it is important to understand what organic food is all about, the nutritional value to your body and health and take that all-important first step now.

Happy and blessed New Year to you all, my dear readers.