• Friday, May 24, 2024
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Innovation key to navigating evolving business landscape – FITC CEO

Innovation key to navigating evolving business landscape – FITC CEO

Chizor Malize, managing director/ chief executive officer at FITC has said organisations should maintain agility and seize growth and innovation opportunities in navigating the ever-changing business landscape.

Speaking at the Leadership Workshop for the National Executive Council of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) hosted by SmartCity Plc, in Lagos last week, she said that adaptability is key to remarkable success in an evolving business world.

Malize, who spoke on the theme ‘Leading Organizational Change and Building a Culture of Innovation’, emphasised the utmost significance of organizational change and innovation.

“In the current landscape of disruptive technologies and ever-evolving customer expectations, businesses must wholeheartedly embrace innovation in order to not just survive, but truly flourish. Resisting change leads to stagnation and obsolescence, while embracing innovation ensures relevance and the ability to anticipate market trends and seize new opportunities” she said.

Ademola Aladekomo, chairman of the board of directors at SmartCity Plc highlighted the transformation of SmartCity Plc into a fully technology-driven entity.

He said that this achievement was due to the organisation’s persistent drive for organisational change, constant reinvention, and unwavering commitment to remaining at the forefront of technological trends that shape today’s world.

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Adesina Adediran, former president of NCS, placed significant emphasis on the imperative for organizations to leverage emerging strategies to fuel growth. He specifically highlighted the criticality of technology adoption as a catalyst for innovative digital transformation.

He underscored the importance of embracing technology and harnessing digital platforms to enhance the effectiveness and reach of professional associations.
This entails establishing user-friendly websites, online membership portals, and digital communication channels to facilitate seamless access to information and services.

According to Malize of FITC, the imperative for change in multiple facets of an organisation, spanning structure, processes, systems, and culture, stating that a transformative mindset is pivotal in addressing inefficiencies, improving performance, meeting market demands, and fostering employee engagement.

She added that identifying areas necessitating change is essential for leaders seeking to guide their organizations toward success.
“To effectively lead change, it is imperative to possess a comprehensive understanding of the change process and its impact on individuals and organizations alike.

“To lead transformational change, one must be able to Adapt, Develop, Adjust, Modify, Advance, and Innovate. These principles apply not only to organizations but also resonate with teams, families, and individuals. There are moments in our personal lives or careers when we must embrace these principles to thrive” she said.