• Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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GoLearn urges youths to adopt skills for financial independence

GoLearn urges youths to adopt skills for financial independence

GoLearn, a financial literacy platform in Nigeria, has urged young people to adopt skills that would facilitate their financial independence.

Speaking at the second edition of the Lagos Finance Conference themed ‘Financial Freedom’, Paul Olubori, founder at GoLearn, said his platform discovered that many young Nigerians were not well-informed on means through which they can make money.

“We discovered that young people are mismanaging their lifestyles and their money. Some of them do not know how to make money, so we are helping them to find legitimate means to make it,” he said on Saturday.

He said they are now teaching them to understand how they can manage their money through savings and budgeting and also helping them to acquire skills to become financially free.

“Forex trading, cryptocurrency, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, real estate agency, real estate marketing, web building and Web3 are the opportunities they can tap into,” he added.

According to Olubori, there are no wrong skills as the most important thing is being good at what one does.

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“This is a gathering of young people where we teach them about financial education and also educate them about money management, money making and how to multiply money.”

“It is all about awareness because everybody needs to know that there is a need for money management. It is also to share opportunities of how they can also make money, especially for young people who are looking for legitimate ways to make a decent income through exposure to digital, tech and financial opportunities.”

Commending Olubori for initiating the programme, Gabriel Balogun, a panellist, said the best way for young people to use their money is in two ways such as reinvestment and learning long-term skills.

“Reinvest in yourself, take courses, learn and become better. When you become better with the skills learnt, you can use it to earn money that can now be reinvested into real estate and other platforms you deem fit,” he said.

The company also empowered youths with two plots of land and one million naira.

According to the company, one of the pathways to being economically sustainable in modern times is learning to sell one’s skills, which could be done through social media or word-of-mouth.