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The Oceanna: How developer is changing the narrative in Nigeria’s luxury property market

Many developers are currently investing billions of dollars into building various kinds of luxury real estate products in order to meet the growing market demand. These products come in different dimensions covering areas like commercial, retail or residential property. However, only few developers like Grenadines Homes are being creative by combining these three dimensions to make life more liveable, writes AMAKA ANAGOR-EWUZIE. 
As the major financial centre with the highest population density in Nigeria, Lagos is Nigeria’s largest urban city that is recording high traffic congestion, which largely affects the day-to-day living of its residents.
Arguably, greater proportion of Lagos population lives in the mainland area as well as several suburbs in the metropolis but ironically, majority of these people work on the Island, which include Victoria Island (VI), Ikoyi and Lekki.
This explains the reason for traffic congestion experienced daily on Lagos roads especially those routes that lead to the highbrow settlements, particularly the commercial areas on the Island where offices are located.
As a result of this, many Lagosians spend quality man-hours commuting from home to their work places.
The situation is gradually changing as traffic congestion in Lagos has also extended to even the highbrow areas of Ikeja, Lekki, Ikoyi, VI and others, meaning that people who live in these areas and work in Victoria Island or other places, also find it difficult to escape from the hustling and bustling nature of the city.
But today, forward thinking developers such as Grenadines Homes are beginning to change the narrative by redefining the concept of living and working in a busy city such as Lagos with ease.
With the introduction of The Oceanna into the Nigeria’s luxury property market, a multi-functional community built with the idea of ensuring that Nigeria’s upper class, lovers of good living as well as expatriates, can escape the difficulties that come with commuting to work from home on a daily basis.
At the Oceanna, the developer would be able to cover the three dimensions of real estate including commercial, residential and retail properties.
With this, people who invest to acquire different properties in the resort can actually live, work and play in the same community.
Situated on Water Corporation Drive, off Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island, The Oceanna consists of four towers designed to have two mixed-use and two residential towers.
These towers are called Caerulean, Indigo, Aqua and Azure. The Oceanna was conceived with a transformation agenda to redefine the skyline of the Nation. At completion, the developer would have created an iconic project that is inspiring a change in Nigeria’s skyline and the outlook of the industry.
As an architecture that is inspired by the sculpted beauty of seashells, which punctuate the shores of Victoria Island, as well as the artful personality of colonial houses of Ikoyi, The Oceanna buildings would, no doubt, become the face of Nigeria just like Burj Khalifa is to Dubai.
“Although there are many impressive freestanding developments in the world, The Oceanna’s story in revolutionising design and engineering in Africa, will act as symbol of expertise and human ingenuity pioneered by Nigerians. An unrivalled 360 degree offering, yet to be seen in the region, The Oceanna is pioneering new ways to live, work and play, truly a platform for endless possibilities,” said Adeyinka Adesope, group managing director of Palton Morgan Holdings, the parent company of Grenadines Homes.
To him, the Oceanna will inspire a sense of hope, pride and awe for Nigerians, expats and the world. He pointed out that it would reflect an inspiring story about a magnificent nation claiming its place in history, residents and visitors will be compelled to become a part of this story by making the Oceanna their home, their place of business, their must go destination.
“It will without a doubt be an iconic place for iconic people and a conglomeration of man-made innovation and organic, natural beauty displayed in luxury apartments in Lagos,” he said.
Adesope stated that investing in the massive project was prompted by the singular vision that The Oceanna is set to be one of the main characters in this new era of optimism in Nigeria, when it has become clear that the country is striving to position well in an era when global investors and business leaders look to Africa especially Nigeria as the next region of transformative economic growth.
Presently, the developer has started construction at the project site as work is currently ongoing at the first tower called The Caerulean, a mixed-use tower.
According to the developer, construction work has reached the 10th floor and expectation is high that the residential apartments, office spaces, retail outlets and hotels to be situated on this tower would meet the desire of prospective buyers.
“It was expected that the first tower would be ready for use by the owners in the next 12 months,” projected the developer.
*Product on sale*
The Oceanna Offices allows individuals and businesses looking to break away to own their office space without having to worry about setting aside funds for rent.
It is one of the Oceanna products that is right now in the market waiting for buyers.
One good thing about this product is that buyers do not have to break the bank to buy because the developer has created a flexible payment model that allows buyers to pay between 6-36 months period.
These offices space are fitted with state-of-the-art fixtures, amenities and systems – befitting any Grade A status that is currently in the real estate market. Located in The Oceanna where construction is currently ongoing, there seems to be a positive acceptance of the product in the market today as many futuristic Nigerians have started subscribing to it.
Being a mixed use building, it means that an office owner has the privilege to locate his or her office in a tower that equally has a hotel, residential apartments, offices as well as retail outlets for shopping.
By this singular fixture, the office owner would have the opportunity to live, work and even have important office related meetings or conferences in the hotel that is in same tower with his or her work place.
According to the developer, the offices would be equipped with an ICT infrastructure that allows businesses to carry out regional and international related works – at the best internet speeds, and in turns, making connection would become simple and seamless.
With a location that puts companies at the heart of Victoria Island in Lagos, moving between The Oceanna Offices and arguably the most diverse business city in Africa would be easier.
Office towers would be serviced by a high-speed elevator system. It is going to be a definitive destination for top-notch businesses in Nigerian commercial city of Lagos, the developer assured.
“It is said that innovation inspires business elevation. That is why The Oceanna Offices are crafted with a unique vision in mind, a motivated, connected and synergic business space that fosters collaboration between individuals and companies,” said the developer.
*Unique fixtures*
Before choosing a location for an office and residential apartments even venue for conferences, ease of movement as well as accessibility becomes a deciding factor in Lagos.
BusinessDay findings show that at The Oceanna, the developer has been able to deal with this particularly challenge by building a community that can be accessed through water, by road or using helicopter.
For instance, at the top of the Oceanna Indigo, a tower that is also going to be a mixed use just as the Caerulean Tower that has office spaces, residential and hotels, the developer is also building a helipad for landing helicopters.
On the other hand, the beach front makes Oceanna a beach front resort, which not only adds to the beauty and nature that surrounds the community, but also serves as an access in and out of the community.
Other important fixtures of the resort, is that each element of The Oceanna has its unique personality and they include its distinct facade, the blue ocean, the green plants, the grey skies and the white walls all fused together to make up a picturesque destination in the city of Lagos.
“Other outstanding fixtures include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis court, virtual golf, retail shops, ultramodern gym, private museum and fine dining restaurant for both residents, visitors and workers in the community,” he said.
Many prospective investors that have come in contact with this product would be wondering the people behind the construction of this modern and iconic edifice. Due to the gigantic size of the project, the developer, Grenadines Homes, contracted the best contractors and credible partners in Nigeria and the global construction industry to handle the project.
Grenadines Homes partnered with Cappa & D’Alberto Plc, the main contractor, which is one of the foremost construction companies in the country with over 83 years’ experience in building construction.
Another partner in the project is the foremost Brash Brands that created Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Chelsea Barracks in London and Piramal Group in India. Brash Brands thrives in the business of originating great ideas and transforming them into vivid and touchable experiences.
Ecad Architects, a company that has 20 years experience in architectural design in Nigeria, is one of the partners, which works alongside HOK to design an iconic project to meet the needs of savvy clientele.
HOK Architects is the largest architectural & engineering firm in America and UK with 60 years’ experience in architectural design, which has 25 offices spread across two continents.
Another partner in this project is Morgan Omonitan & Abe Ltd., an engineering and development consulting firm in Nigeria, with recent expansion to Ghana in West Africa.
While CA Consultants Limited handles all aspects of mechanical, electrical and piping (plumbing) engineering planning, design and supervisory services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings on major construction projects.
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