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The classroom by Ultimus: An experiential space worth visiting

For many students, the classroom is dreaded when it is time for subjects they consider difficult, especially mathematics. However, there is a classroom where all the subjects taught are favourites and the students are happy listening to the teacher.

This classroom by Ultimus is set in the highbrow Victoria Island, Lagos, and is a delight of a growing clientele who have seen the difference between the informal and a very organised setup.

Welcome to The Classroom by Ultimus, a one-stop shop for everything exquisite ambiance fitting. The parent company is Ultimus Holdings, a pan-African investment company with interests in retail trading, real estate, construction, services and hospitality.

The paint section

From the tastefully decorated entrance, to the experiential showroom with an indulging ambiance, generous display of classy products and to staff trained to lighten your mood, The Classroom by Ultimus combines class, convenience, value and leisure to woo discerning clients, who they regard as kings of the classroom.

Moreover, instead of the usual students, this Classroom by Ultimus houses various sections including; decorative wall paints and ceiling paints, sanitary and vanity wares, lightings – chandeliers and spotlights, wardrobes, doors, faucets, and experiential kitchens.

What strikes you most while on a visit to the outfit is the experiential space.

As you come through the lobby, walk through the floors to the different sections of the classroom, like in fantasy, your experience within the four walls of The Classroom by Ultimus treats you to exciting bouquet of experiential engagements aimed at enabling you to make right choices as far as ambiance fitting is concerned whether for your personal building projects, commercial building projects or home makeover.

The luxurious array of kitchens available at the Classroom by Ultimus brings every chef’s dream into reality.

For Nnamdi Azike, assistant general manager, The Classroom by Ultimus; “The name ‘Classroom’ is a reflection of what we have thought about as a business and what we feel the market deserves “.

“We represent ‘class’ and we understand that the people that we serve are also people who have taste, and who want people that associate with them to know that they are of a certain class and of a certain taste”.

The vanity section

Beyond the serene ambiance and array of products on display in the showroom, the assistant general manager, notes that The Classroom by Ultimus is sought-after because of the kind of partners and the guaranteed quality of their products.

“We have international partners for all our items, and they are partners we have taken out time to research on best value products at the best prices. Think of us as a brand that gives you “luxury within your reach”. One of the key things that we looked out while we were researching for partners was the fact that they have market leadership experience.

“For instance, Kale, one of our partners, is the fourth biggest ceramic producer in Europe and the fifteenth in the world. With their quality mandate and attention to details with the things they do, we know that it will last over time”, he explains.

Of course, with a strong partnership with global brands such as Adell, Metsan lightning, Dr Smart, Ahsapsan, Kale and Avonni, which have over 100 years, combined experience, quality is guaranteed at The Classroom by Ultimus.

Speaking further on the high quality of the products, Azike notes that each of the faucets, for instance, has been tasted for 200 times as a matter of quality control.

“We know that when we put items in our showroom and sell them to you, you can go to bed. If you buy any of our faucets, I am giving you a five years warranty on it if you are using them for commercial purposes and 10 years warranty if you are using them at home”.

Icon Mini

Considering the high quality of the products, there are skilled technicians who install the fittings to ensure good finishing for clients.

“We also go as far as looking at your space. For instance, to install a kitchen, we have architects, interior designers and painters who will come to your space and take actual measurements of your space and see what the requirements are for us to be able to fix that kitchen to enable us to make bespoke kitchens that suit our clients”, he says.

However, the technicians are products of technical knowledge transfer from the foreign partners as The Classroom by Ultimus is not in partnership for product sales only. “It involves training that goes on intermittently. We try to engage our people with local training as well; team members who have more experience train other people, and we engage industry stakeholders who have vast experience to give us industry insight on how to approach our customers and make sure that they get the best service from us”.

The excitement is the plan to partner with their foreign partners in establishing factories that can manufacture some of the items here in the near future.

“In the nearest future, we want to make sure that every one of our business units is available in Nigeria from production to distribution channels. For our paints, for instance, we want to set up a paint factory in Nigeria and what we are doing now is to show market viability for these products and at the end of the day, we are going to have our partners coming here to set up factories to give more jobs to people”.

We are excited about how the market has accepted the brand after our opening in December 2020. So, far there has been favorable feedback from clients since the opening in December. The business, according to Azike, has also been good despite the economic realities of our time.

In conclusion, Azike sums up the Classroom by Ultimus brand in just four words – “Luxury within your reach”.

For more information one can check out their website – or visit their showroom at 30, Adeola Hopewell, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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