Optimising senatorial impact for nation-building

TEXEM is a leading consulting firm whose headquarters is situated in the UK. They are passionate about educating senior executives and African leaders. TEXEM’s unique services have contributed immensely to organisational growth, capacity building, transformational change, sustainable success and development.

They have influenced and led discussions that have directed key stakeholders to their drawing board. Inspiring hundreds of organisations and over four thousand leaders to enhance their performance, build core competencies to unlock scarce value and achieve enduring success.

Without a doubt, the Senators of the ninth Nigerian Assembly had a very engaging and insightful time during the 5-day (11th -15th October 2021) Legislative Development Programme organised by TEXEM. The methodology adopted by TEXEM is time tested and well-proven, turning learning into a memorable experience.

Their process is rigorous while designing the programme to be fun through videos, group and individual activities, peer to peer learning, observation practice, self-reflection and games. This methodology has helped them challenge assumptions and provided requisite insights to the distinguished senators to optimise their impact and achieve enduring success.

The five (5) day legislative executive development programme was characterised by 4 presentations daily, class and group activities. Other pedagogical activities included a simulated fire-side panel session for Q&A and games starting from the Second (2nd) day.

The First (1st) day achieved team building (storming, norming, forming and performing) via a featured Cadbury World’s tour and a trip to Shakespeare’s birthplace. During the visits, sessions were delivered by Gerald Baldwin, General Manager of Cadbury and Roberta Kay Davies. The curriculum was designed such that each day’s topic was a build-up on the previous days’ leading to a climax delivered on day five. Thereby equipping the participants with the necessary skill sets to impact their organisation by developing winning strategies for inclusive success in spite of these challenging times. Below is an overview of each day’s presentation and the topic treated.

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Alim Abubakre, who introduced TEXEM, UK and the goal of the executive development programme, delivered the welcome address. The cohort then proceeded on a guided tour of Cadbury World and Shakespeare’s birthplace and participated in a boat ride.

The second day of the legislative-executive development programme witnessed the cohorts being equipped for legislative impact in sessions delivered by Prof. Rodria Laline. Her topics covered Trilemma in the world economy: A developing country example, Strategic Leadership in the digital age for Government, need for innovation in Governance: Lessons and insights from successes and failure, Fostering a culture of innovation in the legislature.

On day three of the programme, the cohorts were taught how to optimise their legislative impact by Rachel Aron through topics such as Leadership Presence-Confidence, Impact within the organisation-with staff- sideways, peers and upward-behaviours and culture, Benefits of Leadership impact-Some examples, Impact outside the organisation-How to be an ambassador to your organisation.

Day four of the programme comprised of sessions delivered by Professor Paul Griffith, the world’s first Management Professor to lead a team that launched a rocket to space. He covered topics such as Strategic Leadership for Success in an Unknown Tomorrow (Leading during high-stakes strategic change, Enabling personal and organisational change.

Other topics covered on day four include change and decision making for strategic outcomes, Organising for innovation). This session was concluded by Implementation which entailed discussions and activities on Amalgamation: Developing an action plan for change, Actionable success models: enhancing strategic possibilities and direction for success in a challenging and dynamic environment.

In addition, the implementation session covered Integrating strategy with the execution infrastructure, Understanding and Harnessing the levers and Inhibitors of growth for value creation.

The final day of the programme was facilitated by Charles Crawford, on such topics as Managing Politics for Success – Strength and Weakness, what makes a leader strong or weak? Resolving Conflict – Tips and Tricks, What’s a conflict about? Leadership for Achieving Goals – Tips and Tricks, Communicating Change Effectively – Tips and Tricks (Informing v inspiring, Projecting confidence), Other activities on day five include group reflection, interviews, and games.

The programme ended on a very high note as Senators shared their comments and attested to the fact that the legislative development was timely and relevant to the current economic and social situation Nigeria is currently facing. They stated that if all learnt were implemented in their various designations, Nigeria will experience a positive economic and social outlook.