Nick Kozmin: Helping firms to create powerful remote sales teams

Selling your products or services through a remote sales team is necessary to survive and thrive.

With the pandemic changing the way the world does business, it has become essential to embrace the concept of remote working.

Some businesses have flourished while others have failed. The key difference is in the ability to form strong remote working teams, especially when it comes to sales and marketing.

It is for this reason that Nick Kozmin’s company is helping fast-growing technology companies install high-performing remote sales teams.

Giving some tips that any entrepreneur can use to build a powerful remote sales team, Kozmin, CEO of, says “creating a powerful sales team is the cornerstone of building a successful business”.

Kozmin created to help budding entrepreneurs scale their businesses and embrace the power of remote access sales teams.

He founded in 2014 as a consulting company and in 2018 crafted a new offer that ramped the company to eight figures.

Kozmin did this without raising any money or debt from his apartment with only a few commission-only salespeople. During his summers between semesters, he sold home care services door-to-door to pay for his loans.

From there, he built a mobile auto detailing business that scaled from 0-3,000 customers in two years. He then applied his systems to software as a service company in Toronto and experienced tremendous success. His company now helps over 2,000 tech founders across the world to achieve wild success.

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