• Sunday, March 03, 2024
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Jonathan’s biography for launch in America

A book entitled, ‘Moving Forward: A Biography of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’, which documented the life and times of the president from birth to his presidency is to be launched in America.

Reuben Jaja, the national coordinator of House-to-House, a support group canvassing for President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election, stated this at a press conference in Abuja.

The book was written by an American based Nigerian scholar and researcher, Matthew Uzukwu, who is currently an adjunct professor of operations management at Bowen State University, United States of America. It will be launched in New York on September 23.

Jaja, who is also chairman, Niger Delta Science, Technology and Bio Industrial Park, said the intention of the group was “to take the story of the transformation initiative to the owners of the country from North to South and as well as Nigerians residing abroad.”

He said it was important to document the legacies of the president for posterity, adding that because their organisation is grassroots-based, they also intend to take the achievements of the president to every household in Nigeria.

“We have seen so much under this administration: reforms in the area of economy to the point that the country is regarded as the best economy in Africa.

“We have seen a situation where our sons and daughters are coming back to invest to the extent that their remittance amounts $24 billion a year. This dwarfs foreign investment.

“Our organisation is the first that has catalogued the life and times of the president. For anyone who does not know him well, this is a must read. Our campaign intends to share this to the Nigerian populace,” he said.

Also speaking, the author of the book, Uzukwu, said that his motivation in writing the book was the story of a humble beginning of the president he read in a newspaper some couple of years back.

He said that the book of 17 chapters would avail unborn generations the opportunity to read and know more about President Jonathan.

“I read about the president in a paper a couple of years ago and I decided to do a research. I travelled to the village of Mr. President and interviewed people.

“Basically, there are two points in the book: his personal biography and political side from 1999 when he became deputy governor till now.

“The book is for future generation to know about somebody called Goodluck Jonathan. The president has done nothing but move this country forward hence the title of the book,” he said.