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‘Buhari is for the ‘select’ few, Atiku is for all Nigerians’

‘Buhari is for the ‘select’ few, Atiku is for all Nigerians’

As the 2019 election campaigns officially begins on Sunday,  the Atiku Abubakar Campaign Organization has said that President Muhammadu Buhari has become jittery over the rising profile, acceptance and endorsements  of Atiku nationwide adding that Buhari only cares for the select few, while Atiku is for all Nigerians.

A statement issued on Saturday by  the Media Adviser to Atiku, Paul Ibe on behalf of the Campaign Organization, said “Our attention has been drawn to the statement by President Muhammadu Buhari dismissing the endorsement of the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, by the South East.

” Speaking at a meeting with a select group of southeast ‘leaders’ on Friday November 16, 2018, President poured scorn on the leaders and people of the Southeast geopolitical zone who gave the endorsement.”

The Atiku Campaign Organisation said it was not surprised by this act of desperation stressing that Muhammadu Buhari has always been a divisive leader adding that Buhari even began his presidency on a divisive note.

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“We recall, with great sadness, that when he was invited to speak at the United States Institute for Peace on July 22, 2015, President Buhari said “the constituents, for example, gave me 97% cannot in all honesty be treated on some issues with constituencies that gave me 5%.”

“Three years after making that statement, President Buhari has shown that he has not changed. Even his meeting was with a “select group of south-east leaders”. Nigerians should compare the President’s meeting with Atiku Abubakar’s meeting of Wednesday 14, 2018.

“Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar did not meet with a “select group of south-east leaders”. The PDP Presidential candidate met the entire leadership of the Southeast cutting across political, religious, social and economic lines. He did not pick and choose. He did not ‘select’. He embraced everyone, because Atiku Abubakar is for ALL Nigerians, ALL the time,” the statement said.

Paul Ibe noted in the statement that at the said event, President Buhari also said “we will not get tired of speaking about the golden opportunity Nigeria lost during 16 years of the PDP”.

“We want to remind the President that under the PDP, Nigeria was rated the happiest nation on earth, by Gallup Polls and other rating agencies, not once, but twice. Alas, under President Buhari’s administration, Nigeria has officially been named as the world headquarters for extreme poverty not once, but twice. Once by the World Poverty Clock and then again by the World Economic Forum.

“Moreover, most major infrastructure that Nigerians are enjoying today, including the only federal university in President Buhari’s home state, the Abuja-Kaduna railways, Olorunshogo, Afam and Papalanto power plants, the revived national railway and the Total Radar Coverage of Nigeria which has eliminated frequent plane crashes, were all built by PDP administrations,” the statement said.

The statement also said that the President should be reminded that when Atiku Abubakar headed the National Economic Council that paid off Nigeria’s entire foreign debt, under the able leadership of President Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigerian crude oil sold for precisely one third of what is is selling for today.

“President Obasanjo and then Vice President Atiku Abubakar simply paid off the debts piled up by past military administrations, including Buhari’s draconian military dictatorship, without complaining of blaming.

“Sadly, President Buhari is not aware of the basic rudiments of leadership, which is that when the government starts blaming the opposition for its own failure to perform, it is an admission that the government has failed.”

Ibe noted that Atiku Abubakar will not stoop so low to blame others for things he is meant to fix.  He pointed out that Atiku means JOBS for Nigerians, not blame for Nigerians. “This is a message we urge all Nigerians to internalise as we call on citizens to join the Let’s Get Nigeria Working Again Movement,” he said.

 Innocent Odoh, Abuja