• Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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AfroCab promises improved productivity with innovative app

afrocab-appAfroCab says it intends to boost customer productivity in Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, with development of innovative technological solution.

AfroCab is a ride-hailing app that allows users to hail rides from anywhere they are, whether in Lagos or Abuja. The ease and convenience of getting a ride in advance from the comfort of your home makes this incredible app stand out. The app also saves customers the stress and time of individually negotiating with a driver.

This, according to the firm, is because the app (unlike the rest in its category) lets customers set price, and once the price is set bids are immediately sent to hundreds of drivers on the AfroCab service who then choose to either reject or accept the offer.

When asked about the service, Taj Zadhra-Ogunsola, general manager, AfroCab, said, “It’s all about increased productivity. Make your time and money work harder for you. Why waste precious time waiting for a cab on the streets when you can easily just hail one from indoors on your phone. Every second counts and AfroCab is all about saving you time and energy.”

This, he further added, also helps reduce the psychologically draining traffic situations Nigerians experience in the metropolis.

Smart people are always in search of how to increase their productivity, whether at the business or personal level. Technology has provided solutions to several problems and these solutions have in turn helped people to perform at optimal levels thereby realising personal and business success.

The solutions provided by the use of technology come in different forms, take the advent of mobile application. At the onset there were just a handful of apps across varying platforms, now find innumerable apps that cater to our different needs. Whatever you can think up, there is probably already an app for it.

From the app that helps you get delicious recipes from people around the world, to the app that helps you scan and manage documents seamlessly. Indeed technology has ceased to be just another sector of the economy but is now infused into every aspect of our lives.