• Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Egbin Power poised to reduce carbon emissions for environmental sustainability

Egbin Power inducts 30 graduate trainee engineers

Egbin Power has started the promotion of environmental sustainability. The goal is to drastically reduce carbon emissions, for environmental sustainability, healthier lifestyles and productivity. The project involves promoting “going electric” and “clean energy” in Egbin.

The launch of the buggies and bicycles is perhaps one of the first of its kind by the largest privately run private power business in Africa. The themes driving the project also include “Power to Protect”, “Power to Serve”, “Power to Live”, “Power to Innovate”.

The inclusion of students in the project shows the fact that the ongoing electric and clean energy campaign is one that involves all constituents of the Egbin Ecosystem – it’s also generational.

The project also reinforces Sahara Power and Egbin’s commitment as global SDG promoters, with impressive Environment Employee Social and Governance (EESG) records. Here are some of the SDGS covered by the project: SDG 3: Good health, renewable energy, innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities, Climate Action and Life Below Water.

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Speaking Tuesday on the unveiling of electricity powered buggies and bicycles and bicycles, as part of the company’s sustainability projects, Temitope Shonubi said the money will be generated from savings and borrowing from sources.

The idea behind the introduction of the electric buses and bicycles to serve its workforce within the facility is, in addition to enhancing movement, it is to promote clean energy, reduce carbon emission, enhance quality of Life by making the environment safer for the entire workforce.

An electric bus is a bus that is powered by electricity. The buses can store the electricity in their battery for continuous usage for about 48 hours. Ordinarily, electric buses are highly efficient and have lower operating costs than diesel buses.

He said the whole essence of our existence is all about ensuring whatever we do we try and always do it better every time. He said he celebrates all the workers of Egbin Power plant that have helped in ensuring that the company is contributing its own quota towards the sustainability of the environment and improving human lives.

“For us in Sahara Group we always say we are bringing energy to live and tod this is not just talking it but also doing it but walking the work and we deliver”

Egbin Power plant is not just the first place where the drive of sustainability would commence not just a driver for energy conservation, not drive of good living, quality living, long-living but a drive of ensuring that everybody stays alive and their quality of life is priceless.

He stated further that he rejoices and celebrate all those that have battled COVID 19 and survive it saying that the pandemic has taught everybody that life is priceless and this has allowed us to step back, look back to see the true value of life. But more than anything he said, it has made us to also realise our preferences priorities and what matters to us.

He stated that today based on the reality of where we are going the value of TESLA, an electric car manufacturer is higher than the value of Shell that produces oil.

“An electric car manufacturer that is pushing technology versus the company that is producing oil which we use today. This simply means that the values of the future in today’s world is more appreciated. And this is the kind of drive Sahara Group is pushing for,” he said.