• Friday, June 21, 2024
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NNPC distributes 381.88 million litres, yet Nigerians groan on access to Petrol

Uproar in oil sector after NNPC favours MRS, AA Rano again

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) claims to have dispersed 381.88 million litres of Petroleum Motor Spirit (PMS) in the last week, yet the common Nigerian finds it impossible to obtain this drained gasoline for personal consumption.

Data culled from the weekly evacuation report which covers February 21 to February 26, 2022 showed that the PMS evacuation declined by 1.4 per cent to 381.88 million litres from the previous week which recorded a total distribution of 387.59 million litres.

In addition, the reports revealed that 80 per cent of the evacuation took place at the top 20 high-loading depots, while 20 percent of evacuation took place at other loading depots.

Meanwhile, the suffering of the average man on the streets of Nigeria continues as a result of fuel scarcity, which has resulted in long lines and a price of Petrol on the black market reaching as high as N400 per litre.

A twitter user said that he has checked the black market in Abuja, from Kurudu to Nyays, the petrol price is N400 per litre.

“Nigeria’s daily consumption is about 54 million barrel per day, with average of 60 million, all filling station should be selling and queue should be gone, so it is either the incompetence of the highest order now or the NNPC is lying” he said.

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Another Twitter user also said, “The report is not meaningful to those who spend hours in queues and those who buy black markets.

And as such he believed that, “The Federal Government should deploy agencies responsible for effective distribution and dispense of the product to the filling stations. He added “some Nigerians are sabotaging the effort of the administration,”

In the meantime, The NNPC said it recorded an average of 63.65 million litres daily which indicates an increase of 14.6 percent from a total of 55.5 million litres recorded in the previous week.

However, the report said, “On the top high-loading deport chart, Pinnacle-Lekki accounted for the highest evacuation at 43.26million litres, AITEO accounted for 22.46 litres, while AA Rano covered a total 22.43 million litres.

“Sobaz Nigeria Limited, Ardova Plc and Mainland accounted for the lowest evacuation at 8.9 million litres, 8.8 million litres, and 8.9 million litres respectively.” It added.

Meanwhile, in the other deport load-out, GonZaga accounts for 8.2 million litres which was followed by BOVAS Bulk-Ibafon which recorded 7.8 million and PPMC Mosimi recorded 4.14 million litres.

However, Fatgbems, Conoil Ph and stockgas maintained the lowest with 8000 litres, 45000 litres and 99000 litres respectively.