• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Dangote refinery in hunt for oil tanker as market tightens

EXPLAINER: How Dangote’s refinery is delivering giant-sized punch against diesel cartels

In a bold move that signals a significant shift in the global oil landscape, Nigeria’s Dangote Industries Ltd. is stepping up its game by seeking an oil tanker on a three-month contract.

“The contract, for service starting in mid-March, could be renewed for another three months,” according to a document seen by Bloomberg.

This strategic decision is aimed at ferrying West African crude supplies to its new mega refinery, which boasts an impressive capacity of 650,000 barrels a day.

Experts said the development is not just a testament to the refinery’s ambitious scale but also marks a pivotal moment in the physical oil market’s dynamics.


Market experts at Wall StreetNow said the implications of the Dangote refinery’s ramp-up extend far beyond its physical boundaries.

“By tightening the supply in the physical oil market, the refinery is effectively supporting futures prices, a move that could herald a new era of market balance,” experts said.

This shift towards a tighter market is a critical development, potentially setting the stage for a more stable and predictable oil pricing landscape.

For investors and market watchers, the refinery’s journey from concept to reality is not just a story of industrial achievement; it’s a window into the future of oil market dynamics.