• Friday, February 23, 2024
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CypherCrescent’s SEPAL delivers oil well surveillance solutions

BP's ETAP oil platform in the North Sea
CypherCrescent Limited, an ingenous petroleum engineering and software development firm, has introduced a new solution to aid operational efficiency which will deliver exceptionally quicker, reliable and easier wells and reservoir management in the industry.
The new technology, SEPAL Well Surveillance Solution (SEPAL WSS), is a well and reservoir management software, which (unlike any tool that currently exists), manages thousands of wells and their components in a single database; simplifies well integrity management; reveals opportunities for production enhancement; guarantees data integrity and availability even in brown (old) fields.
Indeed, the product elevated the firm towinthe best exhibitor ‘Category 2’ at the just concluded National Annual Industry Conference and Exhibition (NAICE 2015) organised by the Society of Petroleum Engineers in Lagos.
The Technical Direcctor, CypherCrescent, ThankGod Egbe, told BusinessDay West Africa Energy, that the technology would assist companies to effectively track the changes in their wells, identify intervention opportunities, streamline workflows for efficiency, enhance production, safeguard asset integrity and reduce operating cost.
Egbe said the product could help companies reduce cost in view of the plunging crude oil prices.
Conventionally,companies are expected to drill new wells to increase production but drilling new wells is very capital intensive and may prove unviable especially in times of plunging oil prices. In times like this, companies need to be creative in the management of their existing wells to remain competitive. To be creative, organizations need to understand their existing assets better and act proactively. Using the right tools such as SEPAL WSS can assist organizations in this regards,” he said.
Egbe said the product is completely different from the current existing ones in the industry with its special features.
He said:” It has a robust well intervention history manager that retains details of changes in the well, including well review information and providesenhanced well evolution visualization.  It also stores inflow and outflow data, well deviation survey, thermal gradient reports, well depth /diameter variation profile which are useful for well modeling.
“SEPAL WSS was designed with user friendliness in mind, it is flexible, allows engineers to generate custom reports and plots to aid their asset reviews and deepen understanding.
“The core of the application is a robust XML database of the wells for robust engineering analysis in a friendly programming language. No existing software currently manages thousands of wells, their multiple components and changes in XML / ASCII formats which provides for extensive analysis. To ensure seamless migration of existing company data, the software is built with an open architecture that allows data exchange with other applications,” he said.
Egbe also introduced another CypherCrescent’s revolutionary tools, SEPAL Suite, which is a cost effective business intelligence solution that integrates production data, reservoir data, geology, petro- physical and well intervention data in a single application to make well & reservoir management (WRM) experience complete and more rewarding.
“No software currently offers a single wallet for multidisciplinary databases and rich functionalities for effective asset management,” he added.
He said investments in the oil and gas industry are capital intensive and usually require a good knowledge of the assets (wells, reservoirs and facilities) to realize the goals of stakeholders, hence the need for cost effective and effective solutions that can drive organisational objectives.