• Friday, April 19, 2024
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Schneider Electric certifies partners for data centres, critical infrastructure

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In a strategic move to bolster its commitment to the digital transformation of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric has introduced five new certifications under its EcoXpert Partner Program, targeting data centres and critical Infrastructure. The initiative aims to equip channel partners with the essential skills and knowledge required to drive sustainability in the digital era.

The EcoXpert program, designed to position Schneider Electric’s partners as trusted advisors in Data Centre and Critical Infrastructure solutions, offers a multitude of benefits. Channel partners opting for certification gain a competitive edge through market differentiation, improved visibility of their expertise, enhanced profitability, and business growth opportunities. Schneider Electric’s certifications are widely recognized across various industries, solidifying partners’ credibility.

The newly launched Data Center & Critical Infrastructure Certification within the EcoXpert Partner Program is tailored for partners engaged in Data Center Design and Build, Cooling and Power Specialists, Systems Integration and Process Automation, Electrical and Mechanical Contractors, and Service Providers.

The program encompasses an array of specialized training opportunities, responding to the industry’s increasing demand for expertise. Key features include online training for critical infrastructure solutions, industry-recognized certificates, access to a comprehensive partner ecosystem, and the ability to pursue additional Schneider Electric competency certifications.

Partners can leverage a personalized online portal for 24/7 access to content, tools, benefits, and training. Technical pre-sales support, services resell and perform options, and a Badge & Certificate system are also integral components of the program, ensuring partners are well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Paul Tyrer, vice president of global IT channels at Schneider Electric, emphasized the significance of the new certifications, stating, “By empowering our partners through expanding our current program, by including these lead certifications focused on Data Center & Critical Infrastructure, we are ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with the principles of operational excellence and good stewardship within the data centre industry.”

The timely introduction of these certifications acknowledges the rapid evolution of data centre technologies. Schneider Electric recognizes the critical role of continuous training and upskilling for channel partners to stay abreast of advancements and leverage new tools for the benefit of their customers.

Commenting on the importance of investing in training for Data Center & Critical Infrastructure experts, Ben Selier, vice president, secure power, Anglophone Africa, highlighted, “Trained experts are better equipped to plan for and manage the scalability of data centre infrastructure.”

Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert Partner Program aims to contribute to the industry’s benchmark of excellence in service and knowledge delivery, fostering a greener and more secure future. The program’s expansion comes at an opportune time with the global proliferation of data centres.

For those interested in Schneider Electric’s flexible and cost-effective customer training, courses are available online, virtually, and in classrooms. The EcoXpert Partner Program invites interested partners to join on request, providing a gateway to a transformative journey in data centres and critical infrastructure solutions.