• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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NNPCL affirms Nasarawa hub for agriculture, energy 

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The Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL), Mele Kolo Kyari, has said that, with the recent development, Nasarawa State has become a hub, not just for solid mineral resources, but for agriculture and energy.
According to the NNPCL GMD, the natural gas reserve in the state was a blessing and a valuable resource with the potential to drive economic growth, power industries and improve livelihoods in the state and the country as a whole.
Kyari stated this in Lafia, during the second day of the Nasarawa Investment Summit, focusing on energy potential, opportunities and challenges.
He then acknowledged that the relationship with the NNPC and Nasarawa government “is deep and entrenched, and there are many reasons for this, is not because Governor Abdullahi Sule was a private sector participant and an energy leader, though helpful, it goes beyond that.
“Is not because Nasarawa State is endowed with abundant mineral and energy resources, it because of three specific reasons, namely vision, effectiveness and sustainability”, he said.
He said the decision of the state government to organically build an economy on a sustainable model was an indication of a clear vision and purposeful leadership by Governor Sule.
“Today, if you asked me, it is clear that Nasarawa State has become a hub for, not just the mineral resources, because we know the mineral resources are there, Nasarawa State has become a hub for agriculture and energy.”
Kyari said, as a group they have the same affinity under the leadership of the CEO, adding that, “NNPC has completely reemerged its business, our focus now is on effectiveness and getting it done.”
He recalled that the Gas forum and the first Nasarawa Investment summit separately held in the state, have made the whole world see the fruits of those initiatives.
“We have two major lithium plants in Nasarawa State today, Nasarawa State is becoming a hub for CNG, Nasarawa State has become an Agricultural hub in Nigeria. Is about employment and value creation”, he stated.
He further that, “in Nasarawa State and in NNPC, our focus is on walking the talk: delivery, effectiveness or performance,” and not in identifying the problem without action.

Says Nasarawa blessed with a substantial natural gas reserve

On sustainability, the NNPC boss said, “is about future-proofing the state” and expressed confidence that, “we are at a point that, Nasarawa State development is organic”.
According to him, the gas master plan of Nasarawa is on the table, as the government has taken a structured approach to development, not other states that have taken a sporadic approach.
“So, it about sustainability and future proofing the business”, he said.
He reminded the people of Nasarawa State to know that governance, leadership and business are about the masses, hence the energy, passion and exploration of the resources for the good of the people.
Kyari said: “Today we come together to devise effective strategies to unlock the great opportunities in the energy sector in Nasarawa States and create sustainable economic growth and development in the energy sector in the State and by extension in Nigeria.
“Undoubtedly, Nasarawa State is blessed with a substantial natural gas reserves, a valuable resource with the potential to power industries, drive economic growth and improve the lives of its citizens.
“The development of the gas sector presents a unique opportunity to leverage clean energy solutions, reduce gas emissions and enhance energy security for the well-endowed state and indeed the nation.
“NNPC Limited is fully committed to partnering with the government of Nasarawa State and other private sector participants to leverage the virtually unlimited capacity of gas to drive economic growth.
“This we have shown by actively engaging in frontier exploration in Keana, which led to achieving the study of Ebonyi ‘A’ oil well in March 2023.
“Through strategic value building investment in Nasarawa State, applying technological innovations and sustainable practices, we aim to catalyze the development of Nasarawa state energy resources, thereby generating inclusive growth and prosperity for all”, Kyari said
The NNPC boss said, the energy transition driven by the urgent need to mitigate climate change and reduce emissions, is fundamentally reshaping the way we produce and consume energy.
According to him, the unfolding collaboration between NNPC, GSCN and Nasarawa State was based on sound premises and mutual commitment to leveraging to create prosperity for the people, adherence to best business practices, and application of cutting-edge technology and innovations.
“We acknowledged and commend the efforts of Nasarawa State Government to create and and entrench a sustainable development in this state.
“NNPC through its subsidiary companies, MGNL and the GSCN is committed to stepping up on gas sector collaborations and initiatives that will ensure the earliest realization of gas fuel prosperity for Nasarawa State.
He explained that NNPC aimed to expand access to clean and affordable energy, stimulating industrialization and creating employment opportunities for the people of the state.
Kyari said NNPC is completely positioned to support the economic and industrial renaissance of the state
He then congratulated Governor Abdullahi Sule for the vision and bringing to bear his wealth of experience.
Governor Abdullahi Sule, in his part, said, thanked the NNPC for their assured support to expand the gas sector in the state.
“You have seen what we have done about the Nasarawa Master Plan, which was going to be completed next month hopefully. The NNPC has decided that they will sponsor the master plan 100%
The governor revealed pa lan by the NNPC to build  an industrial plant for oil and gas in Nasarawa, adding that, the state has already allocated and, wa cea certificate of occupancy for that purpose in Karu
He said, when the agreement between the state agency and NNPC on lithium was going on, Sule said, lithium was the new energy and direction everybody was going for. NNPC is thinking ahead by getting a partnership to be part of the lithium.
He posited that his state was a home of lithium, and sooner than later, fossil oil is not only a challenge but a commodity that will be difficult to sell.
He observed, with the foresight of NNPC on lithium, that it will be part of the development of electric vehicles.
He said, that if the state had not started the process of harnessing lithium, the state would not be known for its resources.
“Today, the world sees Nasarawa State as the destination for lithium, a home of lithium in Nigeria, because we have taken that one step.”
He said, as far he was concerned, “I feel fulfilled, I feel happy, I feel this is where we are going and I think that is exactly what we suppose to do,” Governor Sule added.
The governor therefore commended Abdullahi Ibrahim and his team for organizing the summit and attracting investments to the state.