• Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Measures for sustainable energy development in Africa, by GPPSL CEO

Measures for sustainable energy development in Africa, by GPPSL CEO

Obi Uzu, managing director of Global Process & Pipeline Services Limited (GPPSL), has identified competence, capacity, and collaboration as crucial metrics for driving sustainable development in the energy sector.

Speaking during a session with the sub-theme, ‘Sustainability and the Future of Content Development in Africa’s Energy Sector,’ at the recently concluded Nigeria International Energy Summit (NIES) 2024, Uzu said that innovation in capacity building plays a critical role in enabling progress in the energy sector.

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“Innovation is not just about staying ahead; it is about transforming challenges into opportunities and leading the way towards a more sustainable energy future for Africa,” Uzu said as a panelist.

Competence, according to him, encapsulates the imperative of comprehensive knowledge, training, and continuous research and development.

He pointed out the importance of understanding the entire ecosystem of the energy sector to foster collaboration and attract expertise from around the globe.

Without such broad knowledge, he warned, companies risk relegating themselves to lower levels within the industry.

Uzu further highlighted the significance of robust research and development efforts and collaboration, both internally and externally, citing instances where GPPSL leveraged its expertise to modify equipment for deepwater operations, thereby staying ahead of the curve in innovation.

“The ability to bridge the gap between client needs and available solutions underscores the importance of continuous competence development,” he said.

In terms of capacity, Uzu emphasised the necessity of deploying adequate resources to fulfill commitments and deliverables.

He listed GPPSL’s commitment to investing in competency development programmes, evidenced by sending 27 Nigerian professionals to prestigious institutions such as Harvard and Cambridge Universities to acquire knowledge.

“This strategic investment not only builds expertise in-house but also ensures long-term loyalty and sustainability within the organisation,” Uzu said.

Collaboration emerged as a cornerstone of Uzu’s presentation, offering a means to mitigate risks and scale up operations effectively.

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He said by partnering with companies globally and tapping into diverse pools of expertise, GPPS Limited has expanded its capabilities and enhanced its competitiveness within the energy sector.

He said there is also a need for industry players to prioritise competence, capacity building, and collaboration to drive sustainable development in Africa’s energy sector.

Global Process & Pipeline Services Limited is a leading service company operating in the energy sector, specialising in process and pipeline services.

With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, GPPSL is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions to clients across Africa and beyond. The company emerged as the Oil Service Company of the Year 2023, an award it has won consistently for about four times at the award night of the NIES 2024.