• Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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FG commissions CNG conversion centre in Abuja

Compressed Natural Gas

The Federal Government of Nigeria has officially commissioned a pilot conversion centre for vehicles that will run on compressed natural gas (CNG).

Saidu Alkali, minister of transportation launched the initiative at the Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology (NITT) in Abuja on Thursday, and revealed that the adoption of a more environmentally friendly energy source like the CNG, which the country has in abundance will reposition the transportation sector in urban cities across the country and put Nigeria in tandem with what the world desires at this time.

Alkali, who was represented by Akhidenor Cynthia, acting director, of Road Transport and Mass Transit Administration in the Ministry, said Green House gas emissions pose health hazard and dire environmental consequences, and Nigeria can not afford to lag considering that the country is a signatory to Green House Emission policy aimed at reducing carbon emission in the environment.

Alkali also noted that CNG which is cheaper cleaner and non-toxic can earn the country over 200 billion naira from every one million cars if converted.

The commissioning of the Abuja State P-CNGi Conversion Centre, the second of its kind following the Lagos State P-CNGi Conversion Centre, represents a shift in Nigeria’s approach to energy and transportation.

It has been described as a remarkable milestone for Nigeria’s sustainable energy future; and marked a significant step forward in pursuing cleaner, more affordable, and environmentally responsible energy solutions.

Micheal Oluwagbemi, Project Director of the Presidential CNG Initiative, remarked
that the launch of this PCNGI-affiliated Conversion Centre is a conscious choice to embrace cleaner, more affordable energy solutions.

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“In a world where the environment is crying out for help, where climate change is an undeniable reality, our decision to adopt CNG technology is not just commendable; it is essential”, he said.

Oluwagbemi also acknowledged the collaborative effort behind this groundbreaking initiative, saying, “I want to express my deepest gratitude to all the individuals, organizations, and partners who have been instrumental in making this launch possible. Most especially, our gratitude to Mr. President for deeming us worthy to be executors of his vision for a cheaper, cleaner, safer, and more reliable form of energy for transportation.”

In his speech, Bayero Salih-Farah, director-general of the Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology (NITT), said the launch of the center marked a significant turning point in the history of transportation in the country.

” We have provided this center to serve as a conversion center to all categories of motorist where they will come in and convert their vehicles to CNGs.

” I want to appeal to a motorist in Abuja and the environment to take advantage of the facilities at this center to convert their vehicles and enjoy the cheap energy that comes with the CNG,” he said.