• Friday, September 29, 2023
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Edo, FG set to begin construction of N8 billion Jattu Dam

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The Federal government of Nigeria, in collaboration with Edo State, are on track to begin the construction of the Jattu Dam, in Etsako West-Local Government Area, to provide potable water for residents and enhance all-year-round farming in the area.

Godwin Obaseki, Edo State Governor, who made this known on Tuesday through his Twitter handle, said the ministry of water resources has received approval from the Federal Executive Council to award the contract for the dam’s construction.

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“We have undertaken to underwrite 25 percent of the N8 billion contract sum, which translates to N2 billion targeted at fast-tracking the project’s delivery even as all other support necessary for the realisation of the project will be provided when the construction commences,” Obaseki tweeted.

Apart from providing water for Etsako West-Local Government Area residents, dams play a crucial role in supporting agriculture and farming. One of the main ways dams help farming is by providing a secure and consistent water supply for irrigation purposes.

Dams store water in artificial lakes called reservoirs, which can be used for farming, industry, and household use. This stored water can be used to irrigate crops, ensuring farmers have access to water throughout the year, even during droughts or periods of low rainfall.