• Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Decade of Gas initiative equips journalists with energy expertise

Decade of Gas initiative equips journalists with energy expertise

In a move to bolster informed reporting on Nigeria’s gas sector, the Decade of Gas initiative has organised a training program designed to equip energy journalists with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively report on the country’s gas sector.

The Decade of Gas initiative, a collaborative effort between various stakeholders in the industry, recognizes the importance of natural gas in Nigeria’s economic development. This training program specifically targets journalists, who play a vital role in shaping public discourse and informing policy decisions.

Participants in the training gained insights into various aspects of the gas sector, including exploration, production, distribution, and utilization. Industry experts delivered presentations on the technical aspects of the gas value chain, as well as the economic and environmental implications of natural gas development.

“Equipping journalists with a deeper understanding of the gas sector will enable them to provide the public with accurate and insightful reporting,” said Ed Ubong, chairman of Decade of Gas.

He added, “This, in turn, will foster informed discussions and support the responsible development of Nigeria’s gas resources.”

He gave details about how gas operates including infrastructures across Nigeria. He also unveiled the team put in place by the Federal Government to manage the sector. The team involved operators, professionals and stakeholders with long-time experience in the sector.

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Taji Ogbe, the executive secretary of Nigeria Gas Association (NGA) explained to journalists the importance of understanding the difference between Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

“Journalists play a critical role in shaping public discourse and informing policy decisions,” Ogbe stated. “By equipping them with the necessary knowledge, we can ensure that the conversation surrounding Nigeria’s gas industry is based on facts and a deep understanding of the issues.”

Energy journalists who participated in the training expressed their appreciation for the initiative. Many highlighted the valuable insights gained and the importance of ongoing engagement between the media and the gas industry.

The training program is expected to be the first of many initiatives undertaken by the Decade of Gas in 2024. The focus on journalist education highlights the initiative’s commitment to fostering transparency and knowledge sharing within the Nigerian gas sector.