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10 things to know about All On, Ceesolar $395,000 Niger Delta power project

10 things to know about All On, Ceesolar $395,000 Niger Delta power project

The Niger Delta, despite its vast resources, faces a significant challenge: lack of access to reliable electricity.

To address this, All On, a Nigerian impact investment company funded by Shell, has partnered with Ceesolar Energy for a mini-grid power project.

“This signing signifies our unwavering commitment, alongside Shell, to fostering a brighter future for the Niger Delta. Bayelsa’s critical importance to All On is reflected in our determination to address the significant lack of access to commercial electrification opportunities that these communities have endured,” she added.

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The signing ceremony was attended by Osagie Okunbor, country chair of the Sustainable Energy for Change Initiative, Shell Companies in Nigeria (SCiN), highlighting the program’s importance and Shell’s commitment to driving positive change in the Niger Delta.

“The Niger Delta holds immense potential. By providing grants, we can empower developers and contribute to closing the energy gap, one community at a time. Our aim is to ensure that the project is sustainable. This is the reason we went through a rigorous selection process,” Okunbor stated.

He added, “Protecting the mini grid is crucial; we seek the cooperation of the leaders and residents of the community to prevent vandalism because the success of this project will pave the way for more initiatives, not only from All On but from other organizations as well.”

The statement noted that Ceesolar Energy was selected from a shortlist of 15 developers following a rigorous selection process conducted by All On and the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN).

Here are ten facts from the deal:

Transformational Solar Project: The project will establish a mini-grid that provides up to 430 new connections for the Owegorah community, serving residential and productive needs.

Addressing Power Shortages: Owegorah has long struggled with inconsistent power supply, like many communities in the Niger Delta. This initiative will enhance the energy landscape and improve daily life for over 2,000 residents.

Economic Upliftment: Reliable electricity will spur economic activities, support local businesses, and create new growth opportunities in the community.

Collaborative Effort: The project exemplifies the cooperative efforts of Shell and All On to promote sustainable energy solutions in underserved regions. Both entities are investing significantly in renewable energy infrastructure across the Niger Delta.

Rigorous Selection Process: Shell and All On selected Ceesolar Energy to execute the project following a thorough evaluation process, demonstrating their commitment to quality and sustainability.

All On’s Broader Mission: The project aligns with All On’s broader mission to support the development of renewable energy assets. Last year, the company backed 49 renewable energy projects, highlighting its ongoing dedication to enhancing energy access.

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Enhancing Livelihoods: The new mini-grid will transform the quality of life in Owegorah by providing a stable and reliable power source crucial for everyday living and economic activities.

Future Opportunities: This project sets a precedent for future renewable energy grants in the Niger Delta. It signals opportunities for other developers to engage in similar impactful projects, leveraging rigorous selection and funding processes.

Commitment to Development: All On views the grant as more than financial support, seeing it as a testament to their shared commitment to sustainable development and community empowerment in the Niger Delta region.

Shell’s Ongoing Efforts: Shell integrates this project into a series of initiatives to improve energy access in the region, reaffirming its role in fostering development and enhancing living conditions through innovative energy solutions.